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Deer has enjoyable encounter with leaf blower

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Man given 30 days to catch noisy rooster or face a fine

The City of Pittsburgh will penalise Henry Gaston in 30 days for a noisy rooster if he doesn’t figure out how to trap it. The rooster’s piercing calls have beset neighbours in the Hill District for years, and because it seems to live on Mr. Gaston’s property, it has put him in violation of the city’s ban against roosters. (Hens are allowed, with conditions.) But the bird has evaded numerous efforts to capture it. “Your honour, I’ve tried to catch him,” Mr. Gaston said on Wednesday, sitting for the third time since July before District Judge Oscar Petite.

“I have called animal control and they have sent people out, and I called the zoo, but they said they didn’t have the capabilities to catch a rooster.” Assistant city solicitor Adam Rosenthal was able to capture the bird with his camera earlier that morning along the grassy strip by the sidewalk on the side of the lot. “He was just sitting there chillin’,’” said Mr. Rosenthal. In July, Sharon Hughes, a nearby neighbour, pleaded in court for relief but said at the time she doubted the bird could be caught if the city’s animal control team had failed.

On Wednesday, Mr. Gaston, who claims he does not own the bird, said he tried poisoning corn he gave to the rooster. “You tried to poison it?” Judge Petite said, startled. “What kind of poison?” “Rat poison.” “It’s a rooster,” the judge said. The bird, which has been wily enough to avoid being caught, “is probably smart enough not to eat rat poison. What’s wrong with throwing a net over him? Get some buddies and corner him.” Mr. Gaston didn’t offer a thought on that idea. “You can’t tell me that for the rest of his life he’s just going to hang out in your yard. People are tired of going out there,” the judge said. “Obviously, the neighbourhood is very upset,” Mr. Rosenthal said.

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“I spoke with animal control and they said someone with a rooster issue caught it by feeding it in the same spot every time and then threw a net over it.” “So someone else has thought of a net,” Judge Petite said, looking at Mr. Gaston. “I’ve tried my best,” Mr. Gaston said. “You haven’t tried a net,” Judge Petite said. “Feed it if that’s what it takes to catch it.” “Put corn out in the same spot every day” as a lure, Mr. Rosenthal said. “I’d give him 30 more days if he tries that.” “Thirty days?” Judge Petite asked, and Mr. Gaston nodded. “Okay,” the judge said. “Hopefully, [if caught] he will be transferred to a farm. We don’t want the bird euthanised. That’s a nice-looking bird.” Then he put his finger in the air and said, “This is the last continuance.”

High-speed car chase ended after motorist pursued by police accidentally shot his own tyres

Police say a high-speed car chase ended when the suspect accidentally shot out his own tyres.

Police in Des Moines, Iowa, attempted to stop 24-year-old Taylor Parker for a traffic violation. The man allegedly took off and led police on a short pursuit.

While still driving, police say Parker threw a shotgun out of the car, and the gun then fired off a round, shooting out the tyres of the car he was driving.

He then jumped out of the car, took off on foot, and was eventually caught by the officer. Police say that Parker was found with a "significant quantity" of meth. He was arrested and charged with possession with intent to deliver and possession of a weapon.

23 panda cubs born in 2016 make their public debut

A giant panda breeding program has seen 23 cubs born in 2016, giving hope to the survival of the vulnerable species.

The bears made their public debut at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China. However, it appeared one curious cub was not content with being on display and attempted to make a run for it.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) downgraded the species from endangered to vulnerable in September this year. "The improved status confirms that the Chinese Government's efforts to conserve this species are effective," the IUCN said.

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The Chengdu Research Base has developed the world's largest artificial breeding population of captive giant pandas, recording 113 in existence, as a result of 20 years of conversation. However, habitat loss remains the major threat faced by the giant panda.

Woman perplexed by hundreds of perfectly-cut lemons that washed ashore onto beach

Hundreds of perfectly-cut lemons that washed ashore on Mangere Bridge Beach in New Zealand, has left one woman perplexed - and annoyed. Delyse, a mother of three from Papatoetoe, took her three children and two nephews out for a picnic on the beach on Thursday.

"We were just having our picnic lunch when we saw something really weird, it was just a line of yellow. At first I thought it was that foamy stuff, so I told the kids to check it out and they said 'it was lemons.' I was like 'nah, whatever, it's not lemons', but when I went to look." According to Delyse, the lemons were strewn in a perfect line along the beach.

"They were all professionally, perfectly knife cut. You know when you cut lemons, it's not perfectly down the middle. These were." Delyse goes to Mangere Bridge Beach frequently, but had never seen anything like it before. "They were obviously dumped at sea and then washed up. I don't know who by."

Delyse is concerned about the impact on tourists and residents. "Tourists and residents walk along there, and now there are just going to be rotting lemons there. A lot of children play there, there were lots of children there when we saw it. I just hope none of them touch them or eat them. It's just sad to think someone would do that."

Phantom shop pooer found to be a respectable family man with a job - Update

A man who defecated twice outside a shop in Finglas, Dublin, Ireland, in the dead of the night has been caught by the owner as he was about to repeat the act a third time. The phantom pooer appeared outside the Clever Buys shop on September 15 and 21 and was caught on CCTV (video) pulling down his trousers and going to the toilet on the pavement before getting back into his car and driving away.

But in the early hours of Wednesday morning shop owner Alan Buckley got a call from a delivery driver to tell him the suspect had returned. “I drove around and confronted him, and he admitted to doing it, but said he had a bad stomach and he couldn’t hold it in, but nobody gets caught three times at the same hour of the morning in the same place in my opinion,” Alan said.

“I asked him why he was sh*tting outside my shop and he said he was sorry, that it was nothing personal, and that it wouldn’t happen again. I told him that schoolkids had to walk by what he did, and people with buggies and trolleys. I really couldn’t believe it. He’s local, he’s respectable, and he’s a family man with a job. I felt both angry and shocked really. He’s even a customer,” said Alan.

“When I saw it first I thought it might be a homeless person or an addict who had no option, you could excuse that, but this man has a home with a bathroom. There’s no excuse for it.” Asked if he would now bar the man from the shop, Alan said he wouldn’t. “I don’t think he’ll be back somehow, but I won’t bar him. He’s obviously got some sort of issues, whatever they are,” he explained. Alan added that his sales of toilet roll have definitely gone up because now everyone knows he sells 40 rolls for a tenner.

Man given caution after his discrete greenhouse cannabis cultivation was found by police

A man has been cautioned after police officers found three cannabis plants being grown in a greenhouse.

A police spokesperson said the discovery was made in Gissing, Norfolk, last Saturday.

A man in his 50s was arrested at the scene and questioned by police before being released on bail.

The man admitted cultivating the plants and has since been given a formal police caution.

Mother had to quickly gobble down chicken ball to stop her daughter asking awkward questions

A mother had to eat an oddly-shaped chicken ball quickly to stop her daughter asking awkward questions after her evening Chinese takeaway provided more than she bargained for.

The woman, who has asked not to be named, said she wolfed it down to stop her nine-year-old asking what she was laughing at. She and her husband had just sat down to enjoy a takeaway from the Fortune House in St Austell, Cornwall.

She said the sight of the chicken 'ball' and its added appendage set her giggling. The 32-year-old said: "My husband put it on my plate and we just burst out laughing with my daughter asking, 'why are you laughing'."

She explained that in an attempt to dodge any further awkward conversation with her daughter she gobbled down the chicken ball at top speed. "I thought it was hilarious but ate it quickly to stop the questions from my nine-year-old," she added.

Surprise chicken jumped out of man's car

A man captured this unusual scene at the Ladymead retail park in Guildford, Surrey, with his car dashcam, which he was using for the first time on Monday.

Jay Fernandez and a friend were heading to get something to eat. The 35-year-old said: "The man had his arms full and he popped the boot open.

"He waited for the boot to come up and the first thing I heard was my friend saying ‘what the hell?’ and then I realised what was going on and the chicken had jumped out. My first thought was that it was odd, why was the guy driving around with the chicken in the boot?

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"Straight away I looked at the guy’s face and knew he had no idea what it was doing there." He added: "I don’t know what the end result was as I had cars behind me and had to move. I couldn’t tell you what the fate was for the chicken. I am sure someone must have picked it up."

Friday, September 30, 2016


This goat climbed a palm tree

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Intruder found shaving his head in couple's bathroom wanted a hug

A woman from Keizer, Oregon, says that she and her husband walked in on an intruder shaving his head in their bathroom. Pat Koskela, 64, said the encounter only got stranger from there. She said the suspect, Erica Avila, 39, did not make any threats as he held one of her husband's disposable razors in his hand, and that he was actually quite talkative, even affectionate. But she said she had to ask him to leave repeatedly. Koskela was home alone at around 5:45pm on Tuesday at her house. "I was in the bedroom in there working on the computer and my husband was at the store," said Koskela.

She said she heard her two dogs barking loudly but thought they were just yapping at her husband, John. After a few minutes, Koskela looked up and saw her husband outside the bedroom door, which is right next to the bathroom. "I said, 'Have you been home for about five minutes?' He goes, 'No,' and then he looks at me," Koskela said. "He has this really funny face and he goes, 'Who's your friend?' and I go, 'What?' so that's when we realised somebody was here." Police identified that somebody as Avila.

Koskela said Avila was shaving his head without shaving cream and they quickly realised he was a stranger. "He was rambling on about, 'Well, I know somebody that used to live here and I want to buy this place' and just a bunch of stuff," Koskela said. She believes Avila broke open an outside gate and came in through a sliding glass door, which she'd left open for her dogs while she was in her bedroom. Koskela said she and her husband were cordial with Avila and he wasn't threatening, but for a while he just wouldn't leave. "Every time we start to suggest that he leave or open the door, whatever," Koskela said, "he'd ask my husband another question."

Eventually, she said she put her foot down and threatened to call 911. "I said I need you to leave now and then he started to go," Koskela said. "He actually wanted to hug me before he left and I said, 'I'm not comfortable with that either.'" Koskela said after Avila left they called the police. Officers arrived and arrested Avila about a half-mile away. He faced a judge over a burglary charge in the case on Wednesday. Court records show Avila was previously found guilty of methamphetamine possession three times. Deputies at the Marion County Jail said they had to wait several hours before taking a new mug shot of him because was uncooperative and he appeared high. Koskela added that even without shaving cream, Avila didn't cut himself shaving.

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Man found sleeping in stolen pick-up truck

A Florida man found sleeping in the parking lot of a Walmart in Jupiter was arrested for the theft of a truck on Friday.

A caller advised police that the truck's driver was passed out behind the wheel of the truck, which was still running in its parking space. An officer arrived and found 25-year-old Robert Hardister, from Stuart, sleeping with his head on the steering wheel of a 1998 Ford F-150 truck, which had been identified as stolen.

The officer opened the truck door, removed the keys from the ignition, awakened Hardister and had him step to the rear of the vehicle where he was arrested. Hardister told police he paid a friend $20 to borrow the truck so he could move some furniture to his new apartment later in the evening.

He said he was trying to catch a couple of hours of sleep in the parking lot before going to work one of his construction projects in the area, according to Jupiter police. Hardister told the officer he was unaware the truck was stolen. He is charged with Grand Theft of an automobile.

Marijuana smoker unhappy after being given six-month bus ban for being too smelly

A man from Bremerton in Kitsap County, Washington, is not happy after being banned from riding on buses for six months because of his smell. Not because of body odour, but because of the overwhelming smell of marijuana. Matthew Little is even banned from standing at bus stops.

According to Kitsap Transit, passengers can be banned for reeking of cat urine, human faeces, bad body odour, among other bad smells. They are warned at least three times. “From time to time, I smell like I just smoked some marijuana probably because I just did," Little admits. Kitsap Transit accused Little of emitting an odour on busses that “unreasonably disturbs others,” and has banned him for six months.

Kitsap Transit say that after at least four documented complaints, they banned Little for “carrying the odour of marijuana on the bus, clothes, on his person,” according to a notice of exclusion sent to Little. They say the smell was so bad, “the driver began to choke and had to cover her nose,” and that Little “chose to ignore repeated warnings that violating our rules of conduct would result in his exclusion.” They also say that Little allegedly verbally abused a bus driver earlier this month. Little claims he never cursed at the driver.

When asked what he thinks he smells like, Little responded: “Ganga or Karl Lagerfeld." Kitsap Transit's 2013 Code of Conduct has no mention of marijuana or its smell at all, even though medical and recreational marijuana is legal. "I think it needs to be revisited," said Little. Kitsap Transit’s spokesman says he’s not aware of any plan to revise the code of conduct at this time. They insist they are ‘not singling out marijuana odour, but when it makes customers or drivers physically ill it's not acceptable.’ Little is appealing the ban.

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Police hunt thieves who stole nearly $4,000 worth of alcohol and a box of fried chicken

Police in Florida need help identifying three people accused of stealing nearly $4,000 worth of alcohol and a box of fried chicken in a series of thefts at Publix stores.

Flagler County deputies said the alleged thieves were seen on surveillance video shoplifting champagne, wine, beer, fried chicken and reusable shopping bags on Thursday.

The first theft happened at a Publix on Belle Terre Parkway, where about $600 worth of wine and champagne was stolen, deputies said. The second theft happened about an hour later at a store on Palm Coast Parkway.

There the thieves got away with $2,848 worth of merchandise, including wine, champagne, a box of fried chicken and six reusable shopping bags. An hour after that, deputies said the thieves targeted another Publix on Belle Terre Parkway, but a witness confronted the thieves and they rushed out of the store, deputies said. Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s office.

'Disco Baba' danced at police station after his arrest for alleged fraud

An alleged conman, known as ‘Disco Baba’, who was arrested for duping people out of money with claims of extraordinary powers, entertained police and government officials with his dancing skills at a police station in Hyderabad, India, on Tuesday. Dressed in white, ‘Disco Baba’ danced as they looked on.

The man, Anwarullah Khan, was arrested following a complaint by Syed Iftekar Hussain, who accused him of taking Rs 35 lakhs (£39,000, $50,000) to perform a ceremony with a promise of turning his bad fortune around. Khan then handed over gold-polished biscuits and diamonds to Hussain, claiming they were real.

However, later on, Hussain became suspicious and found that they were fake gold and diamonds and that Khan had duped him. Khan, who also says he is a Unani doctor, allegedly has a number of fraud cases registered against him across several police stations. Later, the Charminar Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Syed Ahmed Pasha Quadri, visited the police station.

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The legislator asked 35-year-old Khan why he was wearing a disco outfit. Khan replied that he was a disco dancer and performed stage shows at functions. The MLA asked Khan to prove that he really was a disco dancer. Khan then performed a disco dance to Bollywood songs in the presence of the MLA and the police officers.

Alleged vandal caught after suffering flip flop blowout while attempting to flee from police

A man wearing flip flops (thongs) in Jurien Bay, Western Australia, suffered a blowout as police chased him after he allegedly vandalised a car.

A WA Police spokesman said the incident occurred at around 11.50pm on Saturday at the IGA Supermarket, directly opposite the Jurien Bay police station.

Police say a patrol saw the man damaging a vehicle and when they stopped and gave chase the man ran away, suffering a flip flop malfunction in the process.

Wilina police later tweeted that the alleged offender should have put a plastic bread bag clip over the plug - an old trick to prevent flip flop blowouts. The man, who is in his 20s, has been charged with one count of criminal damage and will face court at a later date.

Burglar found with drugs sellotaped to his penis said he was trying to hide them from his wife

A burglar caught with 13 wraps of amphetamine sellotaped to his penis said he was trying to hide them from his wife. Mark Wright,43, from Sunderland, was arrested for trying to break into a house and was subjected to a strip search while in police custody. During the procedure, officers found the packages of white powder, which turned out to be amphetamine, attached to his genitals.

Prosecutor Neil Pallister told Newcastle Crown Court: “While in custody, the defendant was subjected to a full body search and 13 wraps of white powder were found strapped to his penis and testicles. On them being discovered, he said ‘It’s whizz, for personal use’.” He had used sellotape to hold the drugs in place and Wright said he had been trying to hide them from his wife.

Wright, who has served prison sentences for burglaries in the past, had been arrested by police who caught him trying to break into a house in Sunderland, on August 25. He admitted attempted burglary and possession of amphetamine. Recorder Christopher Williams sentenced Wright, who has spent a month in custody on remand, to 15 months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, with rehabilitation requirements. The judge said he accepted Wright had done well since his release from prison.

He told him: “I accept you are disappointed in yourself. It is in your hands now.” Alec Burns, defending, said, despite Wright’s bad criminal record, he had found work since his last jail term and was staying away from trouble. Mr Burns said: “He was taking amphetamine to allow him to work longer hours. He had to buy the drugs and got into debt. He was hiding the fact he was using drugs again from his wife, who would have stopped him had she known.“ Mr Burns said the attempted break-in was a blip, not a sign Wright, who still has a job open to him, was going back to his “old ways”.

Man's particularly juicy pork pie sparked airport security alert

A pork pie-loving man caused a minor alert at Manchester Airport when he tried to carry one through security. Seasoned traveller Norman Pearson, 69, thought nothing of it when he packed his super moist pie in his carry-on bag, hoping the tasty treat would tide him over until lunchtime during a flight to Spain. So Mr Pearson, from Wigan, was shocked when security staff at the airport started searching through his bag for prohibited items.

Much to his astonishment Norman, who is meticulous when abiding airport rules regarding liquids, was searched by security staff who believed he had a liquid in his luggage. But airport workers were surprised to find that the offending item was in fact a particularly juicy pork pie found nestled between his holiday clothes. His brother, Roy, said that the juice contained within the pie had shown up on security scanners as a liquid.

He said: “Seeing the funny side of it and not being able to extract the juice from the pie and place into a plastic bag, airport security allowed both Norman and his pie to continue on their way and wished him ‘bon appetit’.” Norman was on his way to Malaga with a friend when the confusing episode unfolded on Monday. Predicting that he may become peckish on the flight, Norman had bought the pie at his local pub Wigan Central the previous night. Roy said Wigan Central should be congratulated for serving the juiciest pork pies in Wigan.

He added: “Norman and pork pies are regular travelling companions but it’s the first time that it has caused an issue with airport security. It certainly tickled me because he’s so precise. He doesn’t even wear a belt so he can get through security fast. He’s mortified if he gets held up so he’d be very surprised to be held up by a pie. The people in security said they have never seen that before. It must have been a very juicy pie. He was allowed to take it through security but I’m not sure if it lasted until he got on the flight.” When walking through airport security in the UK, travellers must place all their liquids into a transparent plastic bag to be scanned separately.