Monday, December 22, 2014

That Monday morning feeling

Excitable little dog awaits return of its human

I don't know where this is, but this little pooch appears to be eagerly awaiting the return of its human to come and to pick it up from doggy day care.

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Residents feel terrorised by neighbour's year-round hostile holiday display

Homeowners on Fairley Road in Ross Township, Pennsylvania, say their neighbour Bill Ansell is terrorising them year-round with his hostile anti-Christmas spirit. Ansell, an electrician, has a display on his yard that features a beheaded choir, a hanging Mickey Mouse and a urinating Santa Claus that lights up at night. Neighbours Chris and Joanne Hebda said they have had to stare at the unpleasant decorations for the past six years. Fairley Road is a unique cul-de-sac; a circular street with Ansell's house right in the middle, surrounded by six other homes. That makes it hard to avoid his handiwork.

“There was a Virgin Mary here, and he placed a knife through her head, right there on the edge of our driveway,” Joanne Hebda said. “I thought it was a terroristic threat.” To make matters worse, his neighbours say, Ansell also tacked up profane signs all over his house attacking the township and neighbours personally. Years ago, Ansell's home was known for its lustrous lights and dazzling display that attracted many onlookers. But one Thanksgiving, Ansell's neighbour Pamela Heck was so blinded by the lights that she asked him to turn them off while her family had dinner. “It was very unpleasant between us after that,” Heck says From that minor dispute grew a war, according to neighbours. At night, they say he blasts floodlights into their windows. They all feel trapped. Friends and family won't visit them, and worst of all, they can't sell their homes.

Two years ago, Ansell told a local TV station: “I used to have a beautiful Christmas display, they hated it. This is my display now. I don't think it's against the law to exercise your right to have your own display.” The Fairley Road homeowners say they are at their wits end. They have repeatedly called police and complained to the township Board of Commissioners, but so far say they have seen little done. Ross Township has fined Ansell for local code violations, and in a statement the Ross Township said they have "taken and will continue to take appropriate legal action." “The Township has taken and will continue to take appropriate legal action,” said Grant Montgomery, president of the Ross Board of Commissioners. In August 2014, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, upheld a court order requiring Bill Ansell to clean up his yard and take down the vulgar signs.

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To date, Ansell has not complied and township officials won’t say if and how it will enforce the order. The Hebdas said they have repeatedly complained to the township Board of Commissioners, but so far haven't seen anything done. The lack of action is what frustrates the neighbours most. For years, Ross Township has done nothing more than fine Ansell for the debris and signs on his property. But, he has not paid any of those citations. There is currently a 6-month-old court order demanding that he clean up his yard, which he has also ignored. The local government won't say how it will specifically enforce the rules, and the Hebdas aren't waiting around to find out and will be renting their home out for much less than it should be. “It's a move for, you know, for our lives ... to have normalcy again,” Joanne Hebda said. “I had to cash in my retirement. There's no hope here in some ways, and there's no one to help us,” says Chris Hebda.

Elf found passed out in car faces drunk driving charges

A man dressed as one of Santa's little helpers found himself in trouble early on Friday morning when police in Riverdale, New Jersey, allegedly discovered him drunkenly passed out in a car.

At around 3:30am, Sgt. Pat Harden was dispatched to the parking lot a Target store after receiving a report of a suspicious vehicle, Lt. James Macintosh said. Harden located the car, a Toyota van, parked by the store's loading dock with its engine running, lights on and music blaring, the lieutenant said.

The driver, Brian Chellis, 23, of Cedar Grove, was asleep behind the wheel, wearing an elf costume, Macintosh said. After shutting off the car's engine and waking Chellis, the sergeant detected a strong odour of an alcoholic beverage on his breath, the lieutenant said. Harden further observed that Chellis seemed confused over his whereabouts and had an open can of beer inside of the car.

Following a series of field sobriety tests, Chellis was transported to police headquarters for a breath test, the lieutenant said. Police issued him summonses for driving while intoxicated, careless driving and possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle. Chellis was released to a family member pending a Jan. 6 municipal court appearance, Mactintosh said.

Heroic monkey saved life of friend that had been electrocuted at Indian railway station

In a heroic act, a monkey saved another's life who had lost consciousness after being electrocuted at Kanpur station in Uttar Pradesh, north India.

The monkey was electrocuted while walking on high tension wires at the city's railway station, before falling.

The monkey tried to resuscitate its unconscious friend by biting and dipping him in the water by the tracks.

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After about 20 minutes the electrocuted monkey regained consciousness and began moving.

Lingerie-wearing fishmonger sans codpiece arrested for indecent exposure

A French fishmonger wearing women's lingerie was arrested for exposing himself to shoppers through his store window.

Police in the northern town of Auchel found the 48-year-old man cavorting and drunk, a police source said on Friday.

The fishmonger, wearing a wig and bustier, complete with false breasts and fishnet stockings, was showing "his privates," the source said. He was found to have a .15 blood-alcohol level, three times the legal limit to drive in France.

The shopkeeper, who has agreed to plead guilty to indecent exposure, explained he was stressed at the newly opened fish shop, citing "pressure from the numbers, the end of year holidays and lots of orders." He is due to appear in court on February 13th.

So, a horse ran into a fish and chip shop

Just before lunchtime on Friday, a horse galloped into Jumbo's Family Restaurant in Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland.

After slipping on the floor and falling over, the horse picked itself up and walked up to the counter, where a young employee grabbed its reins and calmly led it back outside.

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Council say 11-inch-long double yellow lines are a genuine attempt to be helpful to motorists

A set of double yellow lines separating residents' bays and pay and display parking, measuring just 28cm (11in) long, have appeared in Hamilton Road, Cambridge.

The council say they are a genuine attempt to be helpful to motorists. "Although we have seen people try and squeeze cars into unusual places such as pedestrian crossings, we don't expect anyone to try and park on these lines," a county council spokesman said.

"This is a genuine attempt to be helpful to motorists by signalling with other signs the divide between pay and display parking and residents' parking on this street. The lines were intended to "help drivers park in the right bays and avoid a fine for parking in the wrong one", he added.

One resident described the lines as "ridiculous" but admitted she was concerned she might get a ticket if she parked on them. Another described the lines as "cute" and said they were "probably helpful... but should be bigger as you can hardly see them".

Man impaled on railings by cheek freed by firefighters

Fire crews worked for an hour to free a man who had become impaled through his cheek on a railing in Hull in the early hours of Saturday.

The man was found on Princess Avenue at about 1am by firefighters who had been called to the scene.

Two crews from Humberside Fire and Rescue used a saw to free the man who was then given medical care.

The fire service did not give details of how the man became stuck on the railings.

Armed police called after man holding rubber chicken threatened to eat woman alive

Police have urged residents of Street in Somerset not to panic after a man holding a rubber chicken threatened to eat a woman alive on Wednesday evening. A woman was putting her bins out at Brookleigh, at around 8.30pm, when she was allegedly approached by a man waving what appeared to be ‘a long-barrelled weapon’ and a ‘fake chicken’.

He pointed the weapon at the woman and told her he was going to eat her alive and he was going to eat her flesh, according to police. She ran inside and he chased after her. He started banging on the front door and broke a window as he tried to enter the property. He failed to get into the property and made off. Police were called to the scene by the victim and people living nearby.

Firearms officers and police dog handlers were sent to the area. Officers also patrolled the area on foot and talked to residents to reassure them. The victims said they did not know the man, had never seen him before and didn’t know why they had been targeted. The man and his chicken have not been found.

Inspector Mark Nicholson said: “We do not want people to be panicked by this very disturbing incident. Street is a very safe place to live, and we believe this was an isolated incident. It is currently under investigation by CID and we hope to bring it to a speedy resolution.” An air rifle, believed to be connected to the incident was found on Thursday morning. The man, who was believed to be intoxicated, is described as white, in his 20s and wearing black clothing.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Properly arranged cushions are important

What does the fox say?

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A touch of festive sheep herding

Gareth Wyn Jones, a hill farmer from Llanfairfechan, near Conwy in north Wales attached a camera to his seven-year-old sheepdog Cap, to film him bounding along the Carneddau Mountains.

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Woman reunited with lost luggage after 20 years

Maria Dellos has been having bad luck with lost luggage. The latest incident happened about four months ago when one of her bags went missing. So when the TSA called her recently, she wasn’t surprised.

But the TSA were calling about a bag filled with art supplies that went missing two decades ago. Dellos, a designer and teacher who owns Maria’s Art Creations in Tucson, Arizona, had travelled to a trade show in Las Vegas 20 years ago and filled a suitcase with about $600 worth of art supplies.

The suitcase never made it home. How and why the items turned up after all these years remains a mystery. “I understand that we just did some shuffling of equipment at the airport, so it’s quite possible that we came across something that somebody left unattended for a long period of time,” TSA spokesperson Nico Melendez said.

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The good news didn’t stop there. The TSA also returned her lost luggage from four months ago as well. “I’m absolutely thankful to the TSA for calling me today and giving me great faith back into the airline industry,” she added.

Teenager in process of altering appearance arrested for pickaxe and baseball bat attack

Two suspects accused of attacking a 21-year-old man from Holland Township, Michigan, with a pickaxe and baseball bat have been arrested.

Codi James Antoniello, 19, and a 16-year-old male were arrested on Thursday at an apartment complex in Holland Township. Antoniello, who authorities say was in the process of shaving his head in order to alter his appearance when he was arrested, was arraigned on Friday on charges of felonious assault and first-degree home invasion.

The 16-year-old suspect will be charged as an adult in the case, according to the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office. He is currently being held in juvenile detention. Investigators say the suspects went into the victim’s home at around 2:30am on Wednesday and began to attack him.

The fight started after one of the suspects, who is dating the victim’s ex-girlfriend, and the victim were communicating on Facebook, authorities said. The victim was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries to his face and head. He was said to be in good condition.

Bud Weisser charged with break-in at store

A teenager has turned himself in after making a run from the law. Bud A. Weisser, 18, faces a felony burglary charge for breaking into a convenience store in Lemay, Missouri, on Aug. 21, police said.

Court documents say a St. Louis County police officer on patrol saw a man climbing out of a shattered window at the store at about 4:30am. Officers briefly pursued the man but he got away.

A statement from St. Louis County Police states that investigators found evidence that linked Bud Weisser to the burglary. He turned himself in a few days later and submitted to a swab for DNA.

The blood on the counter of the convenience store matched the DNA taken from Weisser. Court documents allege that Weisser, of St. Louis, broke in for the purpose of stealing but don't say whether he took anything. The burglary charge was filed last Friday.

Man allegedly used proceeds from Ponzi scheme to freeze deceased wife

A man US prosecutors say duped investors out of $5 million by telling them he would invest it in commodities and currencies allegedly used some of the money to have his wife cryogenically frozen after she died, according to a court filing on Friday.

A federal grand jury in Manhattan indicted Whileon Chay, 38, with three counts of fraud for soliciting investor funds he said he would manage through a number of businesses, including New York-based 4X Solutions, according to the filing. Chay fled to Peru in 2011 after learning he was under investigation by US authorities, a source familiar with the matter said.

He has not returned. According to the indictment, Chay was raising money from investors as early as 2007. He showed them falsified reports on the performance of various investment strategies in currencies, gold and other markets, and told them he was using currency positions to hedge against the potential risk of gold price fluctuations.

In reality, the indictment said, Chay never bought any gold and lost $2 million of the money trading in the foreign exchange markets. At times, he used money he raised from new investors to pay older ones, but he also bought luxury cars, funded a "lavish lifestyle" and paid $150,000 to have his deceased wife cryogenically frozen in 2009, the indictment said. He faces one count each of wire fraud, commodities fraud and mail fraud.

Dispute over sexuality during game of dominoes ended with sword attack

An argument between two men in Cleveland, Ohio, over their sexuality ended with one attacking the other with a two-foot sword. Three men were at an apartment on Wednesday playing dominoes when the attack took place.

One of the men, a 48-year-old who goes by the nickname "Cowboy," accused a 44-year-old man of having homosexual tendencies. The 44-year-old man fought back, saying he heard from several neighbourhood men that Cowboy had homosexual tendencies. The argument escalated into a fist fight.

The two men wrestled in the kitchen until a third man broke up the fight. The two men decided to take their fight outside. The man went outside and waited. Cowboy emerged from the apartment with a two-foot sword, and began swinging. He struck the man once in the head and twice in the left arm before the man said he was going to call the police.

Cowboy took one of the men's phones, dropped the sword and walked away. The other men called police, but officers could not locate Cowboy. Court records show Cowboy spent 14 years in prison after a 1986 conviction on rape, kidnapping and robbery charges. No charges have been filed in the attack.

Model inspired by Lady Godiva rode horse while naked in protest at bar and club closing time law

A model who suddenly found herself out of work by a new law forcing bars and clubs in Chile to close at midnight has protested by riding on a horse naked through Santiago. Patricia Aguirre, 27, who is originally from Paraguay but now lives in the Chilean capital, said the new rules had devastated the city's nightlife.

She said: "People just can't have any fun now that they've introduced this law. And it has also been a disaster for performers like myself." Ms Aguirre is a regular performer on the city's club scene as part of a dance troupe, and said that since the new rules none of the clubs were hiring either models, musicians, dancers or hostesses. But inspired by the story of Lady Godiva, who protested against unpopular laws in the UK by riding naked through the town, she decided to do the same.

And as a result she spent 15 minutes riding naked through the city to protest against unpopular council decision. It has already had one positive benefit, with the council announcing that they would allow off-licences which sold alcohol to stay open until 3am instead of also forcing them to close at midnight. She added: "I was a bit nervous but at the end I loved it so much, I'm thinking of buying a horse. I've had a lot of compliments from both men and women, and very few people were critical."

She confirmed that she had been inspired by Lady Godiva, an 11th-century Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who, according to a legend, rode naked – only covered in her long hair – through the streets of Coventry in order to gain a remission of the oppressive taxation imposed by her husband on his tenants. The name "Peeping Tom" for a voyeur originates from later versions of this legend in which a man named Tom had watched her ride through the town, and was struck blind. Unlike the story of Lady Godiva though, people did not avert their gaze from Ms Aguirre.

'Embarrassed' judge told murder trial jurors to bring packed lunches due to government cuts

An 'embarrassed' judge told jurors at a murder trial at Northampton Crown Court to bring their own packed lunches to court because of government cuts. Judge Rupert Mayo told the jury that no catering facilities had been arranged.

On Wednesday, Judge Mayo said: "I am almost too embarrassed to tell you that that's the housekeeping rules tomorrow." HM Courts Service said a contract for the provision of on-site catering services had expired in August.

Judge Mayo had told jurors on the Stanley Harrison murder trial that the Ministry of Justice had cut funding so much that no catering facilities could be arranged. He said: "Bring a packed lunch tomorrow so that you can have lunch when you like." A spokesman for HM Courts & Tribunals Service said a national contract with caterers Eurest had expired on 31 August.

He said the service had "considered bids from national, regional and local companies to provide services after that date. Negotiations for a new catering contract at Northampton Crown Court are ongoing." For the first 10 days of their service, jurors are entitled to an allowance of £5.71 a day for food and drink if their day does not go beyond 10 hours.