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Bubble bath

Dog confidently ascends ladder

In order to get onto roof of house.

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Man faces charges after low-speed mobility scooter chase

A man riding a motorised wheelchair was apprehended following a low-speed police chase in Elyria, Ohio, on Monday.

Complaints had trickled in over the last few days after a man was spotted riding his mobility scooter on roads and into traffic, even keying vehicles as he went by.

On Monday, Elyria police attempted to take action and pull the man over, but the man, later identified as 31-year-old Graham L. Ley, evaded the officers by cutting across four lanes of traffic. A low-speed chase ensued as Ley rode onto a sidewalk, refusing to pull over.

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A second patrol car was deployed, stopping Ley and his scooter. After a short struggle, officers placed Ley under arrest and took him to the Lorain County Jail where he's being charged with resisting arrest, obstructing official business, disorderly conduct, criminal damage, and failure to comply. His chair was later picked up by LifeCare Ambulance.

Man arrested after stand-off involving banjo

A man from Vancouver, Washington, was taken into police custody after a stand-off that involved the suspect serenading officers with a banjo.

Officers were called on Sunday afternoon after reports of a naked man walking around with a knife. When they arrived at the man’s home, he refused to surrender.

Neighbours saw the man, identified by police as Andrew Helmsworth, yelling at officers, and said at one point, Helmsworth walked outside with a banjo, which he played for the officers.

Witnesses said the officers eventually subdued Helmsworth with what appeared to be a non-lethal round and took him into custody. According to police, the investigation revealed that Helmsworth had assaulted a family member. Helmsworth was arrested on a charge of felony assault and lodged at the Clark County Jail, police said.

With news video.

Police seek man who made off with $140,000 accidentally left behind by ATM employee

Police in New Jersey are looking for a man who took a bag containing $141,000 accidentally left behind by an employee of an ATM company. Surveillance video shows the costly mistake made by the employees of in Mahwah. It shows a worker leaving his office on his way to replenish ATMs.

He was carrying the large sum of cash in a small, unmarked bag, police said. The video shows him setting down the satchel, walking around to the back of the car and then getting in and taking off without the bag, which was filled with $10 and $20 bills. “At some point, the person who was supposed to have the bag realised that it wasn’t in the car with him

"But at that point, he was seven miles away so he called back to the office to see if it was still at the kerbside where he had left it,” said Mahwah police Officer William Hunt. The video then shows the passenger of a white GMC Savana work van picking up the bag full of money up and driving away. Surveillance video shows that the van was picking up discarded tyres from another nearby business just minutes before, police said.

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“It was really just a stroke of luck, or misfortune, for them that this van happened to be driving by shortly after the money was left at the kerb,” Hunt said. Police say once the worker who left the money behind returned back to the building and realised what had happened, they needed to call an ambulance for him. Police are hoping whoever took the bag will return it. “Anytime you find property that’s discarded on the side of the road, it’s not just fair game for you to pick it up and say, ‘Well, you left it, I found it,'” Hunt said.

Sisters plan to file formal complaint after being stopped by police officer for cycling topless

Three sisters from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, are planning to file a formal complaint after they say they were stopped by a police officer for cycling topless. Alysha Brilla and her two sisters Tameera and Nadia Mohamed took off their shirts while riding their bikes in downtown Kitchener on Friday evening because of the heat.

They say they received mostly positive reaction, until a police officer stopped them. "He said, 'Ladies, you need to put on some shirts,'" said Tameera Mohamed. "We said, 'No we don't ... it's our legal right in Ontario to be topless as women.'" The officer said there had been complaints, according to Tameera. She said the officer began backtracking once her sister, Alysha, began recording with her smartphone.

The officer then denied having pulled them over for riding topless, before letting them continue their ride, Tameera said. "We went on our way and went straight to the police station to report it," she said. Waterloo regional police acknowledge there was an incident involving three topless female cyclists and a police officer, but would not discuss the incident in detail. "We're doing an internal review on the situation," said Staff Sgt. Michael Haffner. "It is a current law that if a female chooses to go topless, that is their right."

The sisters say they plan to file a formal complaint with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, which oversees public complaints against municipal and regional police services in Ontario as well as the Ontario Provincial Police. "When men take off their tops in public, it's clearly because it's a hot day and clearly it's for their comfort. Women should be given the same freedom," said Nadia Mohamed. "Even though legally we have that right, socially we clearly don't." The women are holding a rally in uptown Waterloo on Saturday to support the desexualising of women's bodies. Shirts will be optional.

Campers forced to flee up trees to escape from rampaging bull at caravan park

A bull "acting aggressively" caused campers to climb up trees to seek safety as it rampaged through a caravan park in Australia's Northern Territory before being shot by police.

Police said the long-horned bull charged through the McArthur River campground in Borroloola, about 720 kilometres from Darwin, at around 6:00pm on Monday. "It was a bit of a danger to people at the caravan park," Duty Superintendent Brendan Muldoon said.

"I know there were 50 people at the park at this time, quite a few obviously saw it and called police to assist. Some people had to escape from the bull and hide up trees." Colin Coutts, the manager at the park, said when he learned of a commotion in the campground he went to investigate. "I jumped in the ute and went to try and hunt him out," he said. "He's gone over near a caravan and I've pulled up and got out.

"I went to shoo him and he turned around and had a go at me and put me up on the back of the ute." Mr Coutts said police were called and were trying to coax the bull back to where it came from when things turned for the worse. "It turned around and tried to attack the police car so they shot him," he said. Superintendent Muldoon said the animal was a "local bull" and owned by someone in the community.

There's an audio interview with Colin Coutts here.

Policemen given bravery award for initiating 70mph head-on crash to stop dementia sufferer

Two police officers, who risked a head-on collision to prevent an elderly dementia sufferer from crashing into oncoming cars as he drove the wrong way on the motorway, have been honoured. PCs Craig Graves and Steven Hudson have received a Chief Constable’s Commendation for bravery after safely stopping the man’s Honda Jazz as it travelled at 70mph towards them in August 2014, ensuring both the 77-year-old and other road users remained uninjured.

The elderly man had been reported missing and police had received numerous calls after his car was spotted travelling southwards on the northbound carriageway of the M6 Toll, near Sutton Coldfield. Traffic officers PCs Graves and Hudson were asked to put on a rolling road block to slow down vehicles coming towards the Honda and create space for motorway police to catch up with the car. However, the Honda outran the officers and continued to travel at speed towards the road block.

Dashcam footage shows how the pair, on spotting the Honda approaching, positioned their car to prevent it reaching the cars behind them, forcing the Honda into the central reservation. PC Hudson suffered with bruising and whiplash for more than a week after the collision. Chief Constable Chris Sims presented PCs Graves and Hudson with their commendations at an awards ceremony. They were nominated by their sergeant, Paul Talbot, for their “outstanding display of serving the public and protecting them from harm”.

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On receiving his award, PC Graves said: “I thought the driver of the Honda would see our lights and slow to a stop, but he didn’t and just kept coming towards us. I turned slightly to the left in order to make contact while lessening the sudden impact, forcing the vehicle into the central reservation. Fortunately this worked but contrary to what I said on the in-car video, there was considerable damage to our vehicle. The vehicle directly behind us, which would have been in the path of the Honda, contained a dad and his three young children, so it was very fortunate the end result was successful and nobody was seriously injured. I believe we were just doing our job.”

English drug dealer refused to appear in Welsh court because he can't understand the accent

A drug dealer from the West Midlands has refused to appear in court in Wales because he can’t understand what anyone says.

Dwaine Campbell, 25, was arrested in Aberystwyth delivering 51 wraps of heroin. Campbell, from Wolverhampton, was kept in custody in Wales for seven days before being transferred to a prison near his home.

His barrister, Janet Gedrych, said he complained that he couldn’t understand what anyone in Aberystwyth said and they struggled to understand his accent. “He is worried that if he is sentenced here he will end up in a jail in Wales and have the same difficulties,” she said.

Campbell has admitted possessing heroin with intent to supply. He was due to be sentenced at Swansea Crown Court but refused to leave his prison cell. Judge Heywood said he would sentence Campbell via a video link “so he can stay in the West Midlands.” Campbell will now be sentenced next month.

Stoat took on three rooks to protect young kits

A stoat has been caught on camera taking on three rooks in a fight at a wildlife centre near Plymouth, Devon. The tiny mammal was seen repeatedly fighting off the huge, bemused birds at Wembury Marine Centre.

It bravely confronted them time and again, even leaping from the ground at points in a bid to get to the much larger animals. Although it looks like the stoat is attacking the birds experts say it most probably displaying defensive behaviour. A spokesman for Devon Wildlife Trust said: "Stoats on the south Devon coast will prey on small mammals mostly, rabbits and smaller rodent species.

"Although they do also sometimes prey on birds it's unlikely a stoat would go for a rook, never mind three of them. Stoats tend to use areas of thick vegetation as cover for hunting too, rather than the open area of this road. So it looks like this is defensive behaviour. Those areas covered in thick vegetation are ideal habitat for small mammals and probably contain this stoat's den.

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"As it takes up to 10 months following mating in early summer for stoat kits to be born, then up to 12 weeks when the young are fed by their mother, the timing of this video is the sort of time the young stoats will be ready to go out hunting with the adults for the first time. This stoat is probably trying to chase the rooks away from the area where its young are about to emerge from their den."

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That was my nut

Pug has a snooze in bowl of water

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Previously: The same snoozing pug minus the shades but with one eye open.

Man charged after jumping zoo fence to pet cougars

A zoo in Ohio has pressed charges against a man who jumped a fence to pet cougars - then posted video of it on YouTube. Joshua Newell had his camera rolling when he leaped over the outer fence of the big cat enclosure at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

The 35-year-old then began petting two adult cougars through a second fence as he said things like, "Kitty, kitty, kitty". The footage showed the animals appearing to enjoy the attention.

Zoo officials called the video "alarming" and said it was fortunate that neither Newell nor the cougars were harmed. "Animal welfare and safety are two of our top priorities," Columbus Zoo president Tom Stalf said in a statement.

Original YouTube video. Alternative LiveLeak link.

"Barriers, like the fence line at the cougar habitat, are in place to keep our guests safe. The actions taken in this video were alarming and resulted in our decision to press charges." Newell is charged with with a misdemeanour count of trespassing. He is due to appear in court on Wednesday.

Reward offered to trace person who dumped puppy with manicure

A puppy sporting a red manicure was abandoned in a purple purse in Salinas, California, last week, and now authorities are offering a $1,000 reward in the case. The SPCA for Monterey County says the pup was found by a Good Samaritan behind a restaurant on Sunday, July 19 at around 10pm.

The six-week old Chihuahua mix puppy was shut up behind the restaurant Patria in a dirty lavender purse pet carrier with no access to food or water. The SPCA says the puppy was "hungry, thirsty, and crying." The Good Samaritan then turned the puppy over to the SPCA. SPCA staff are calling the puppy with the red nails Pierre.

Beth Brookhouser, director of community outreach of SPCA for Monterey County, said: "He's too young. He should still be with his mother, but we're taking good care of him and he seems to be a big person in a little package." Brookhouser said the SPCA investigated the possibility that Pierre was stolen, but results came up short.

"We have some leads, but we want people to know that abandonment is not the answer," she added. "Shelters will take in all animals - no questions asked, but when you choose to do the illegal thing and the inhumane thing, we will do our best to go out, find who did this and prosecute the person responsible." Anyone with information about this case, should contact the SPCA.

Woman traumatised after she and her dog were terrorised by feral pig in 30-minute attack

Walkers have been warned to be on the lookout for a feral pig on the loose at Mount Jerrabomberra in south-east New South Wales, Australia, after a woman and her dog were set upon in a vicious attack. Canberra woman Michaela Vodvarka, 22, was walking her parent's dog Zeus, on Sunday, July 19 when she was confronted by a wild boar. While protecting her dog, Ms Vodvarka was bitten by the pig twice, sustaining cuts that later required 10 stitches in hospital. Ms Vodvarka said the attack happened at about 5:00pm, not far from the base of the mountain near Queanbeyan.

Zeus, a Great Dane, Boerboel cross, was first to hear the pig and broke free of his harness to chase it. When Ms Vodvarka finally found him, he was being attacked by a wild boar. "It was almost as big as the dog... the pig was almost the same weight and height. It was huge," she said. "It was attacking the dog, the dog was attacking it. Instinct for me was to not let anything happen to the dog. I didn't want anything to happen to him. So I've stepped in and started to try and push the pig away. In doing that the pig's got aggressive towards me and has started running at me." In the 30-minute scuffle that followed, Ms Vodvarka desperately tried to get her dog away from the pig. At one point Ms Vodvarka wrapped herself around the dog in bear hug to protect it, but the pig kept coming at both of them.

"All I could do was stand there screaming at the dog to come to me. But he just wouldn't listen. About five minutes after that... two people came over the hill," she said. The two men were able to call Zeus away, and the pig eventually left too. "I don't know what would have happened to be honest, I have no idea... I don't know what I could have done in that situation," she said. One of the men drove Ms Vodvarka home and later took her to hospital, where she was given a serious dose of antibiotics. "They cleaned the wound peroxide and then stitched me up," she said. "And then sent me home with antibiotics, a Tetanus shot and a syringe full of antibiotics pumped into my veins... I was in quite a lot of pain for about a week." Ms Vodvarka said Zeus escaped the encounter unharmed.

Queanbeyan City Council has since hired a licensed specialist to search the area and remove the animal. The council's manager for environment and health Natasha Abbott said the woman was extremely upset by incident. "The lady involved was quite shaken by the ordeal," she said. "Council is urging those who walk Mt Jerrabomberra and people who occupy houses that may back on to the reserve to take care." Ms Abbott said as a safety precaution, walkers on Mount Jerrabomberra should keep to the roads and keep their dogs on a leash at all times. "If you come across a feral pig, please do not approach it," she said. How the pig came to be on the mountain was unclear. "This is the first report of its kind that council has received in recent memory," Ms Abbott said. The council said warning signs would be erected until the area was deemed safe again. Feral pig sightings should be reported to Queanbeyan City Council, with the time and location of the sighting.

Kind police officers helped family of lost ducks

A passer-by spotted a couple of police officers helping a family of ducks who got lost in St Andrews, Scotland.

The two Police Scotland officers escorted the mother duck and her nine babies along a busy road to the safety of a nearby river.

With cars passing perilously close, the two male officers guided the flock along the town’s Bridge Street on Friday, using their bodies as shields.

YouTube link.

Thanks to their stellar efforts, the group of mallards made it to a hole in the wall, which leads to the Kinnessburn, before making a daring leap of faith to get to the river.

Legal high thief who told shopkeeper his name unsurprisingly caught some time later

A knife-wielding robber made it easy for police to identify him when he proudly revealed his name to the shopkeeper he was targeting. And Carl Harrison even told the victim at record store Smokin Vinyl in Erdington, Birmingham, where he used to live before he made off with £1,000 worth of legal highs. Harrison, 30, of Erdington, admitted two charges of robbery, having a knife and possessing drugs.

He was jailed for three years and four months. Birmingham Crown Court heard that the defendant made his the store just after 3pm on February 10 this year. There had been one other customer in the shop and William Lee, the shop keeper, had initially told Harrison to get out because he was smoking a cigarette. However he then became aggressive, and after throwing the cigarette outside, he returned and told Mr Lee that he should give him what he had come for.

The shopkeeper, who felt intimidated, then handed over a couple of pouches of legal highs. The defendant then told him: “Do you know who I am. I’m Carl Harrison.” Ten minutes later he returned to the shop, but this time armed with a knife, and forced Mr Lee to give him a whole tray of legal highs. Mark Phillips, prosecuting, said that, in fact, it did take the police some time to track Harrison down because of his itinerant lifestyle. He was finally arrested on June 4 after he became involved in a incident in a bar.

Paul Mytton, defending, said Harrison, who had problems with drink and substance abuse, had got himself a job as a driver. “He was hoping for a better future but, of course, this has caught up with him.” He went on “There are some bizarre features, perhaps the highlight was to say who he was and, unless there be any doubt, where he used to live, that show that he can not have been thinking properly when the offences were committed.” Judge Simon Drew QC said: “It must have been a very frightening experience as far as the shop keeper was concerned.”

Village show allowed contestants to enter shop-bought vegetables in bid to increase entries

Homegrown and homemade produce have always taken pride of place at Gloucestershire's many village shows. Green-fingered residents are able to show off their hard work and it all becomes worth it when a rosette is placed on their parsnips. But this year, entries at one event were so low that organisers allowed people to show products bought from the supermarket.

Quedgeley Show, which has run since 1972, saw people competing for awards in more than 50 different categories including best vegetables, photography and flowers. But councillors heard the turnout was not good this year at a meeting of Quedgeley Parish Council. Graham Smith, vice-chairman of Quedgeley Parish Council, said: "It was quite frankly embarrassing. People were told they could buy it, show it and eat it after but that still didn't persuade people. It is pathetic."

The show took place last Saturday at Severn Vale School and involved games, activities, performances and craft stalls. Mr Smith said: "I suppose the times have changed. Many people don't have their own garden, let alone an allotment, so they just buy their food from Tesco or Asda." Parish councillor Jean Hanks said: "The turnout was not very good. I think the organisers are going to have to rethink the event."

The show is organised by the Quedgeley Community Trust. Andy Jarrett, from the Trust, said they were hoping for more entries. "In the real world it is impossible to know if someone has actually grown their entry," he said. "Buying from the supermarket is not something we encourage but we do want more people to get involved. We were hoping for more entries and we will be doing all we can to get more people involved, including reviewing the classes to make sure the show is still relevant to the people of Quedgeley."

Helicopter, armed officers and dog unit sent to 'weapon incident' found gardener holding a rake

Dorset police launched a major hunt involving a helicopter, armed officers and a dog unit for a man brandishing a weapon in the dark only to find it was a gardener holding a rake. Stephen Hogan had been working late in his back garden with friend Wayne Dodd when police swooped on their home in Stanpit, Christchurch. They had earlier received a 999 call from a member of staff at a nursing home two doors down who reported seeing a man holding what appeared to be a weapon.

After making their way through the home, the two policemen found Mr Dodd, 43, holding up a rake from where he had been helping to landscape an area of Mr Hogan's garden under an external light. Mr Hogan, a 55-year-old plumber, had bought a heavy roller to help with the garden project on Friday and he, his son Sean, 23, and Mr Dodd helped to put it together. Mr Hogan said: "All of a sudden there was a lot of commotion coming from out the front. My wife Alison looked outside and saw about five police cars and armed police officers and dogs.

"We could hear the police helicopter above us. Then two policemen approached the front door. They said there was someone with a weapon in the area. They asked to come into the back garden and asked if someone was out there because their ‘eyes in the sky’, as they called them, had seen someone. They came in and found Wayne with the rake and then left.” Mr Dodd said: "I was rolling an old part of the garden and saw the helicopter was up. By the time the two policemen came, I was raking over the ground and then they just left."

Mr Hogan said: "We were more bemused than anything. It is reassuring that the police checked it out so thoroughly but in the end they did all that just to see what was going on in our garden. It didn't help that after leaving our house the police just packed up and left without telling the neighbours it was a false alarm.” A spokesman for Dorset police said: "At 11.41pm on Friday, we had a report of someone with a weapon but it turned out to be someone who was doing some late night gardening using a rake. It was a misinterpretation of what the caller had seen."

Police appeal for help to find broom-snapper

Derbyshire police are appealing for information after a storage box and brooms were damaged in Eyam.

Sometime between 9pm on Sunday, July 19 and 9am on Monday, July 20 offenders forced the lid of a storage box at Eyam Cricket Pavilion.

Damage was then caused to the container and two brooms were broken.

Anyone with information is being urged to contact police quoting crime number 30670/15.