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Fox cub liberated from family's living room

Simon Cowell from Wildlife Aid gently rescues and releases a fox cub that had wandered into a family's living room late one night.

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Man rescues kangaroo stuck in cattle grid

This unidentified gentleman discovered the kangaroo stuck upside-down in the cattle grid at Flinders Ranges, South Australia, a couple of weeks ago.

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Thieves probably inadvertently saved life of dog locked in hot truck

A Chicago pub owner believes a group of thieves who have been preying on the West Town neighbourhood, inadvertently saved the life of a dog earlier this week.

A pick-up truck parked near the Irish Nobleman Pub at around 9:15am on Monday, when the temperature was already around 80 degrees. The temperature outside was rising rapidly - and a German shepherd was locked inside the truck. Within 15 minutes, a group of four young men came along.

"They were walking down the street, looking in every car they walked past, and I believe they saw the laptop and smashed the window and took it out," pub owner Declan Morgan said. "I don't believe they knew the dog was in there." Morgan said he thinks the thieves accidentally saved the dog's life by breaking the window.

YouTube link. Full CCTV video of the incident.

The truck's owner returned after about an hour to find his window broken and his laptop gone. "I believe what comes around, goes around," Morgan said. "He didn't think it was a big deal that his dog was in there for an hour. I told him I would've smashed the window if I knew the dog was in there."

Man accused of recording woman in shower told police he intended to film himself urinating

A man from Jonesboro, Arkansas, accused of video voyeurism told police he intended to film himself urinating for a pornography website and had no plans of recording a woman as she showered during a visit to his house.

Geoffrey David Fortier, 23, allowed the woman to take a shower at the house on June 7 where his fiancee also lived, but only after allowing him to use the bathroom first, according to an affidavit filed in Craighead County District Court.

When the woman came out of the shower, she found that an iPad was leaning against a wall, positioned in a way that captured her undressing and leaving the bathroom, she told authorities. She later confronted Fortier about the video and deleted it in front of him, the court document states.

Fortier, who acknowledged the video, denied intentionally filming the woman. During a police interview, Fortier said he had set up the iPad earlier to film himself urinating for money as an act of Internet pornography, forgetting about the recording as he left in a hurry. Fortier was arrested at noon on Tuesday and released shortly before 4pm on Thursday.

Police hunt man who robbed bank while wearing a ball gown

Police and the FBI are searching for a man who robbed a New York bank while wearing a ball gown. Police said the man robbed the Santander Bank on Staten Island on Tuesday while wearing a silver and black dress along with heels, a hat, and sunglasses.

Sources say the suspect pulled out a silver handgun during the heist, yelling, “give me the money and hurry up about it,” before taking an undetermined amount of cash. Video from nearby convenience store King Deli of the Island later shows the suspect ditching the dress.

He ran off in shorts, blue and white Nike Jordan sneakers, and no shirt. Suliman Aldalaim, a deli employee, says he is bewildered. “He starts changing clothes. I say why you do that in here? He said he got into a fight with his girlfriend and he had to run away from her because she called the police for him,” Aldalaim said.

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“Usually when you hear about the bank robbery they have a ski mask thing,” one local resident said. “But a dress … that’s really crazy.” The man is believed to be about 5′ 8″ to 5′ 10″ tall about 175 lbs, and may have scarring around his mouth. He did not appear to have any visible tattoos, police said.

Thirsty man deftly crawled through hole he'd smashed in closed pub's unlocked glass door

CCTV footage captured the moment a man awkwardly crawled through the back door of a bar in Australia's Gold Coast eager to get a drink early on Thursday morning. The man had wandered to Surfers Paradise just after 3am looking for a place to get a drink when he stopped outside the back door of Howl at the Moon bar. The bar was closed, but that didn't stop the thirsty gent who picked up a beer keg and began throwing it at the glass door. On his third throw he managed to make a hole big enough to squeeze through head first, lit cigarette in mouth.

Looking acrobatic and almost vertical, the man fell into the bar as the door he was climbing through opened of its own accord. CCTV footage inside the pub shows the man then walk up to the front bar and patiently wait for someone to serve him. After realising no one was around, he turned and walked out the door he had struggled so hard to get through on the way in. Howl at the Moon CEO Lou Cerantonio said he had received a call from the alarm company just after 3am and had driven down to find a hole in the back door.

"I thought, okay, I am 57, I don't need to be a hero so I called the cops and waited for them out in the driveway," he said. "We went in and walked through, nothing was missing, nothing damaged. (We watched back the CCTV footage) and sure enough, we had the funniest experience of our life watching this guy trying to get in for a drink. I was pissed off at quarter past three in the morning but when I saw that footage it almost made it worthwhile getting up that early."

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A Queensland Police Service spokeswoman said the man had handed himself to Springfield Police on Friday morning and charges were expected to be laid. Mr Cerantonio said the man did the right thing handing himself in. "I don't want to press charges but I think it is at that stage now with police where it is too late," he said. "He has said he will pay for whatever damages, so he has done the right thing, he has done the smart thing because his face is very clear in the video. I think he was wondering how he got all these scratches and things all over his body, I think he has put two and two together and thought, shit, is that how it happened?"

There's an additional news video here. You may need to unmute it.

Parents fight for right to name their son 'Wolf'

New parents Ignacio and Maria, from the Fuenlabrada suburb of Madrid in Spain are furious after being told that "Lobo", meaning Wolf in Spanish, was not an appropriate name for their newborn son. Ignacio and Maria had already chosen a name for their first son before he made an appearance in the world on July 12.

“We decided some months ago to call him Lobo, because of our love for this beautiful animal and because as a name it is unique and full of character. We want to bring our son up with values such as respect, love, equality, love of animals and nature, justice, kindness,” the baby’s father explained. But he was informed by the Birth registry in Fuenlabrada that he could not officially name his son Lobo because it “was offensive to the child”.

“After ten days arguing with officials we were then told that it is because Lobo is a common surname and therefore not suitable as a first name,” he said. “That does not make sense as many people in this country have first names that match surnames. We think it is unfair that our right to name our son is denied on such criteria.” The couple also point out that many first names in Spain are also animal names, such as Paloma (Dove), Leon (Lion) and Marta (Martin).

“So what is diffent about Lobo?” they ask. The couple also argue that the name Wolf, is common used in other countries. “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart achieved undisputed success with the name, so we can’t understand how Spain has decided it is offensive and could ‘stain’ the life of our beloved son.” In a petition, that has been signed by over 2,500 people, the couple ask: “Do you, like us, think it is unfair that the criteria decided by an official has more relevance when naming a child than parents who will educate, guide and love that child for the rest of their life?”

Woman slept on sofa for nine days after a rat moved into her bedroom

A woman petrified of rats who had to spend nine days sleeping on her sofa because one took up residence in her bedroom has blamed the council for not coming to her aid sooner. Mandy Swash was told by Bristol City Council to 'contain' the 'huge rat' in one room and they would come and get rid of it as soon as they could, but then told her that wouldn't be for another nine days.

So since the rat first ran into her bedroom through an open back door, the 48-year-old slept on the sofa with only the clothes that she had in the wash at the time. The rat nipped into her bedroom last weekend, and Ms Swash called Bristol City Council on Monday. "They told me they wouldn't be able to come until the following Wednesday. But then the man said that if I was to contain or trap it in one room then they could come straight away. I did that, I shut the bedroom door on it and called them back. A different man said that I was lucky I was getting someone in a week and a half because sometimes people wait a month. I couldn't believe it," she added.

Attempts by friends and neighbours to get the rat out of the bedroom failed, Ms Swash was too petrified to even open the bedroom door, and coudn't afford to hire a private pest control company to attend her council flat in Horfield. "I'm a clean and tidy person, I'm not a complainer at all because I'm grateful for what I've got and the support I receive," she said. "But I became very unwell, it was the combination of having no sleep, the smell coming out of the bedroom and the stress of it all, it was just horrible. I managed to grab two pillows out of the bedroom and ran. I'm diabetic and disabled and my medication was in there but I wasn't able to go in there and get it. If I opened the bedroom door I was worried it would run into the rest of the flat."

A spokesperson for Bristol City Council explained that the council had no obligation to help Ms Swash at all, and budget cuts had reduced the number of staff working around the city dealing with rats. "The council provides a pest control service for rats, mice and wasps which is available to all residents in Bristol," she said. "At busy times, particularly during the summer people might have to wait up to four weeks before the pest control team is able to deal with the problem. The provision of pest control is not a statutory requirement and due to budget cuts in recent years, the team has diminished in size. This job was booked in for Wednesday 27 July with a follow up on Wednesday 3 August," she added.

Squirrel stuck in dashboard of car rescued by firefighters at Knutsford Fire Station

A fire crew at Knutsford Fire Station in Cheshire were just about to do some training on Wednesday when a car pulled into the station, and two women rushed out.

They explained that they'd found a grey squirrel laying injured on the side of the road so they had put her in a cat basket to transport her to a local animal rescue centre.

However, little they did know this particular squirrel was an expert in the art of escapism and, soon enough, she had fled from the cage and climbed up under the seat before shooting up a hole via the glovebox leading to the dashboard. Using a snake eye camera, which has a special close up lens and is able to be manoeuvred around tight spaces, the firefighters were able to look into the dashboard.

Video has no sound.

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They were then able to see that the squirrel was well and truly trapped. The firefighters were able to remove the dashboard and locate the squirrel, delicately manipulating her from behind the dash and passing her into the safe hands of the two women who were able to continue on their way to the Rescue Centre. The squirrel will be returned to Delamere Forest as soon as she has had some rest and recuperation from her traumatic experience.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Are we nearly there yet?

Rabbit and squirrel engage in a bonding session

Filmed recently in Woodbury, Minnesota.

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Man allegedly threatened former roommate with sword in dispute over ownership of pizza rolls

Police arrested Travis Vartorella, 21, on an aggravated menacing charge following a confrontation in his apartment in Norwalk, Ohio, on Sunday afternoon.

According to a Norwalk Police Department report, Vartorella “pulled a sword” on Trystan Mesenburg, 20, a former roommate who had returned to the residence to retrieve some of his belongings.Mesenburg told officers that after arriving at the darkened apartment with his girlfriend, they began gathering up his items.

“As soon as I grabbed my bag of pizza rolls,” Mesenburg told police, Vartorella “came out from around the corner” with a three-foot sword. With the weapon in his hands, Vartorella claimed ownership of the frozen treats and demanded that Mesenburg “leave his f*cking pizza rolls alone”, police say. Mesenburg and his girlfriend fled the apartment and dialed 911. Responding officers noted that the couple were “visibly shaken” as they recounted their confrontation with Vartorella.

Officers subsequently arrested Vartorella and seized four “edged weapons” from his bedroom closet, including a six-foot samurai sword, a machete, and the sword he was holding when he confronted Mesenburg. Vartorella was charged with aggravated menacing, a misdemeanor, and booked into the Huron County jail, from which he was later released on bond. Mesenburg and his girlfriend both secured temporary protection orders against Vartorella.

Man fought off armed would-be carjackers with high-pressure car wash sprayer

A man who thought he was stopping for a quick car wash ended up fighting back against armed would-be carjackers. Michael Davis says he was washing his car at Oasis in Shreveport, Louisiana, at around 2am on Wednesday when he was approached by a man pointing a gun directly at him demanding his keys and money. "He said 'give me your keys and your money,' and I said 'what'd you say?' and I took the sprayer and just sprayed it right in his face," said Davis.

Davis' dashcam caught it all on video as Davis turned the power washer on the gunman and forced him to flee. Moments later, another man comes into view, appearing to attempt to grab the hose. Davis didn't let up, spraying the second man with the hose before swinging the wand at him. That man can be seen trying one more time to grab at the wand before also fleeing out of frame. "I heard his friend try to run and get my backside so I turned around and sprayed him and hit him and they took off running," recalled Davis,

"The whole situation to me was almost surreal." Through it all, Davis never backed down and never dropped the cigarette out of his mouth, even smiling at one point during an encounter. Now, he's hoping the pair will be caught. "If they would've taken my keys and my money, they probably would have shot me anyway, plus I had my disabled veteran brother in the car, they could've done something to him as well," said Davis. The attempted robbery was over in a matter of seconds and played out like a scene from a movie.

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"I wish it was a fun little acting video or skit or something like that but our lives were really in jeopardy, that's why we called police as soon as we could and got them to come out here and we made a report," expressed Davis. "I wasn't going to give up my car or money to some little thug like that there's just no way." Davis said after he hit the second man with the hose, he yelled that he was going to grab his gun, which he believes is what ultimately scared him away.

With additional news video.

Man arrested after threatening bouncer with spear before throwing batarang at police

Police arrested a man on Capitol Hill in Seattle on Monday after he threatened a bouncer with a homemade spear and threw a batarang at officers as they pursued him.

Police were called to a Capitol Hill bar at around 6:30pm after a man with a knife attached to a metal pole reportedly swung the improvised spear at a bar employee.

The man fled the scene, but officers Benjamin Timbs and Walker Dickson chased after him. At one point during the pursuit, officers witnessed the man throw something towards a police SUV.

A short time later, after catching up to the 23-year-old suspect, officers discovered the object the man had thrown was a “a sharp, black Batman-style throwing star,” which had embedded in the lower front end of the vehicle. Officers booked the man into the King County Jail for felony assault and are also requesting additional weapons and obstruction charges.

Suspected DUI crash led to bee attack

Police in Laurel County, Kentucky, say a car crash led to two people inside the vehicle being attacked by a swarm of bees from a disturbed hive. "I just had got done feeding my chickens, watering them and stuff, and I walked back to my house there to get my phone so I could play a video game on it," said Gary Lee Anderson, who lives on Patton Spur Road where the incident happened.

"And all of a sudden I heard a big 'boom,' and I looked back out my door and the electric pole fell and the lines were falling. And the GeoTracker was sideways into the fence." Then the people inside the car, who investigators identified as Noah Elkins, 36, of East Bernstadt, and Priscilla Simpson, 35, of Dry Ridge, got a big surprise. "He didn't know it, but he found out, that there was a hive of bees there," said Deputy Gilbert Acciardo with the Laurel County Sheriff's Office, "and he had disturbed them."

"And the guy came out, screaming and squalling, and running around about like a chicken with its head cut off," Anderson said. Then Anderson says they ran up the road, grabbed a hose outside his home and started trying to spray off the bees. "I told him, 'You need to get out of that water,'" Anderson said, "but I didn't know he was getting eat up by bees, I thought he was just high." Deputies say Elkins and Simpson were under the influence. Simpson told them that she and Elkins had taken several drugs, including Suboxone, neurotin and Klonopin.

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Investigators said they had driven down the road looking for a place to swim. "That girl in that little bikini, she had little red dots all over her," Anderson said. Even Anderson was stung while he was out there. Elkins and Simpson were taken to the hospital for treatment for injuries from the crash and for "numerous" bee stings, deputies said. Elkins was cited for driving under the influence, as well as other traffic violations. Simpson was charged with public intoxication. Investigators have called it an unusual case.

Police appeal after town hit by spate of female mannequin thefts

Police in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, are asking the public to help solve a spate of thefts of female mannequins from downtown store fronts, including one case in which a $160 prom dress was torn off the mannequin and left behind. Police say 11 mannequins, all female, have been stolen since May, during five break and enters and one attempted break and enter at three different locations. In each of the five break-ins, police said only female mannequins have been taken.

It began on Mother's Day weekend with a failed attempt to get into Simple Elegance, boutique owner Dawn ODell said. "The glass on the front door was broke. Not broke quite all the way through but it was shattered but still intact," she said. Police came to investigate but the window was not repaired right away, and when ODell got to work on Monday morning she found the break-in job had been finished and two female mannequins missing from the display window. "One mannequin had a $160 prom dress on. They ripped it off and threw it on the floor and just took the mannequin," she said.

"The second mannequin had a dress on it, a $60 dress, and they left the dress on that one and took the mannequin. And that's it. There was no attempt made to get to the cash register, to the merchandise in the store, or anything." Her store on Front Street was hit again on June 23, with the theft of two more mannequins, one in a bikini, the other in a dress. ODell said the thefts of mannequins and their clothes have set her back approximately $600. She said police told her: "It looks to be somebody has a fetish for mannequins." Mannequins have been stolen from two other stores, according to police.

Another store on Front Street was broken into overnight on May 13 and one mannequin was stolen. ​The latest two break-ins occurred at a business on North Front Street. On July 14 at 2:30am the store's front door window was smashed and two display mannequins were stolen, police said. On Sunday, July 24 the front door window of the same business was again smashed and four female torso mannequins were stolen. ​Police could not be reached for comment on the motivation or possible suspects in the crime, but have asked for the public's help in the case. Anyone with information is asked to contact Belleville Police.

Hidden testicle blamed for cat's nine-month wander

A hidden testicle has been blamed for a missing cat's lengthy disappearance and 13 kilometre roam. Nine months ago Percy the cat went missing from his Fountain Place home near central Nelson, New Zealand. Last Sunday the cat, fondly referred to as Mr P, was found 13km away in the neighbouring suburb of Richmond. And his wandering could be all down to raging testosterone.

Owner James Kirkwood said the vet hadn't been able to complete the job when he took Mr P to be neutered. "When I had him neutered they could only find one testicle. I have a friend who is a vet and he said the reason he is wandering is that he's got testosterone because they never found that other one. So I took him straight to the vet and he got back yesterday from surgery and they found it, hopefully that will calm him down a bit."

When Percy left in November last year, Kirkwood distributed flyers and chased up phone calls from people who thought they had seen him. "The thing is people call you and by the time you get there the cat is gone. I just kept it going for six weeks, two months - there were a few calls and dead ends so I decided to stop," he said. "I was spending about 50 bucks a week on petrol looking for him." Kirkwood said he had given up on the search, assuming Percy had been hit by a car or found a new family who fed him well. Until last week, when Kirkwood was contacted by a woman in Richmond who said she thought she might have his cat.

"I could hardly believe it, at first I was like: 'Oh yeah another search, another chase, another empty, dead end street'," he said. "I thought it was amazing, it was incredible." Richmond woman Kelly Gray said she noticed the stray when she started hearing tapping on her cat door at night. Gray said her daughter encouraged her to post a picture of Percy on Facebook which made its way to Kirkwood. "Percy had probably been with us for three weeks, we really didn't have any choice. I wouldn't be surprised if he made his way back," she said. "A go-pro would have been brilliant to see where he's been."

Naked man caught in car park with seven grams of cocaine hidden under his foreskin jailed

A man who hid a packet of cocaine under his foreskin while naked in the car park of Homebase has appeared in court. Joshua Hare was shouting and making a nuisance of himself at around 8.30am, prompting concerned passers-by to call police, a court heard.

Officers arrived at the DIY megastore in Salisbury, Wiltshire, where they struggled with the 24-year-old before he was arrested and taken to hospital. On Tuesday at Swindon Magistrates Court, he pleaded guilty to being in possession of 7.2 grams of cocaine on June 17. He also admitted failing to surrender to bail. Prosecutor Keith Ballinger described how the wrap had “emerged” from Hare’s private parts.

The substance was later tested and confirmed to be cocaine, but in interview Hare declined to comment. He was last in court in May for aggravated taking of a vehicle without consent and was given a suspended sentence. Hare, who is homeless, and changed his surname from Jordan-Hare by deed poll, was represented by Nick Redhead. Mr Redhead told the court Hare had a “troubled background” and problems with drugs and alcohol.

Hare was admitted to intensive care earlier this year after he fell ill with kidney failure in police custody. Mr Redhead appealed to the magistrates to take this into account when sentencing. “He fell into a coma and thought he was going to die,” Mr Redhead said. “He is a high risk of killing himself if he continues to misuse alcohol. He has managed to stay away from alcohol pretty much.” Bench chairman Mary Holland said by breaching his suspended sentence, Hare left magistrates with “no option” but to jail him for 12 weeks. Hare was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £115.

Scarecrows massacred in alleged sabotage against green belt campaigners

Campaigners fighting to protect green belt land in a South Tyneside village say their protest is being sabotaged. Keep Cleadon Green campaigners have been using a variety of ways to promote the need for people to speak out against the council’s strategic land review.

The plans have earmarked a number of sites in the village as possible areas of housing developments, much to the anger of residents. As well as leaflet drops, posters have been put up in the area to make people aware of the campaign and scarecrows wearing ‘Keep Cleadon Green’ have been sited throughout the village.

However, campaigners say they have been left angered and disgusted after they have discovered posters have been ripped down and scarecrows attacked. Lead campaigner Surindar Kaur, said: “It’s disgusting. People have been out and just massacred the scarecrows. It’s like someone is trying to sabotage our campaign.”

The ‘Keep Cleadon Green’ campaign was launched to fight against proposed development on green field sites in the village, backed by the three ward councillors. In the past month they have residents support for the campaign has increased tenfold with more than 300 people attending a recent meeting to put questions to the council.