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Tweety the parrot loves her owl puppet friend

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Fortune teller failed to predict her second arrest for obtaining money under false pretenses

A fortune teller in Oklahoma City probably should have seen her arrest coming for the second time. 52-year-old Sonia Lisa Marks, was arrested at around noon on Friday after she was found running a fortune telling company out of her home, officials said. Police said Marks scammed victims out of money with the promise that the money would double by the following week. She also foretold that good things would happen in her victim's lives if they continued to let her tell their fortunes.

After police received tips about Marks running the fortune telling business, officers made appointments with her at Mrs. Maple Psychic Reader, according to an arrest warrant affidavit. Marks told one of the officers, who paid $60 for a palm reading and tarot card reading, many fortunes, including that she would have twins - a boy and a girl. Another undercover detective saw Marks several times in late August, and Marks told her that she would find her boyfriend in October. She also told the detective that she needed to have her aura cleansed because she could sense that the detective would not be happy until it was done.

The cleansing cost $125. After having her aura cleansed, the detective told Marks a fake story about how she met a man and asked her if he was the one. Marks said that he was but needed to conduct an $80 reading to confirm the fortune. Marks' tarot card reading foretold that this man was the detective's soul mate and that he would ask her on a date soon. She also said that the detective and the fictitious man's relationship would begin before October because of the cleansing. Marks was arrested on a felony complaint of obtaining money by false pretenses and a misdemeanor complaint of fortune telling.

Friday's arrest marks the second time the supposed soothsayer has been arrested in Oklahoma City. She was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail in November 2014 after she was accused of defrauding clients of nearly $1 million. Marks was relocated to Ohio, where she had been wanted since 1994 for several crimes, including grand theft and corrupt activity. She has been on probation from Hamilton County, Ohio, for six counts of theft following a January 2015 conviction involving fortune telling, officials said. Marks was ordered to pay $187,000 in restitution. Anyone who had money taken from them by Marks is asked to call the Oklahoma City Police Department's Vice Unit.

Woman struggling to prove she’s alive after government declared her dead

Barbara Murphy isn't dead. But the federal government thinks she has been deceased for two years. 64-year-old Murphy, from Roy, Utah, says she has tried to see the humour in the situation that began two weeks ago. It keeps her from worrying about the potentially devastating consequences. "It's the only thing carrying me through this," Murphy says of her sense of humour. "I don't know what else to do but laugh." Though Murphy is alive and well, a death certificate has been connected to her, leading the Social Security Administration to believe she died in July 2014. Now, the federal government has been attempting to take back two years' worth of Social Security payments and to recoup any Medicare or Medicaid dollars put toward Murphy's treatment during that time. Efforts to correct the error had been fruitless, attempts to pull from Murphy's fixed income continued, pleas to Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, have gone unanswered, and now she has been left with no idea what to do next. "We're just definitely going downhill faster than heck," she said, echoing her husband's concerns about paying their bills.

Whatever the cause, Murphy believes bureaucratic lack of communication has perpetuated the problem. Her fear now is that it won't be resolved before the next time her bills are due, she fills a prescription or needs to see a doctor. Murphy was out for a Friday night dinner with a granddaughter on Aug. 12 when the waitress first informed her that her card had been declined. Murphy's husband was able to pay for the meal, but she remained perplexed. Their granddaughter, who works for a bank, called to ask about her grandmother's account and was told it had been frozen after the Social Security Administration issued notice of her death. After proving to the bank she was alive and resurrecting her account on Monday morning, Murphy got a call from the bank manager urging her to contact the Social Security Administration and warning, "This could be very serious." At the agency's office in Ogden the next day, Murphy couldn't even request a wait ticket from the automated system because her social security number registered as invalid. After being assigned a spot in line and waiting for her turn, Murphy got to make her case.

"I said, 'Now would you like to take my pulse and see that I'm alive? Because you're showing me dead.' And I said, 'You've caused me heartache,'" Murphy recalls with a chuckle. After going through a series of questions and meeting with a supervisor, Murphy signed a letter saying she was contesting being listed as deceased, was told her status would be returned to active and was promised a letter updating her on her case's progress. "It was a joke," Murphy said. "Since that time, every facility I have ever visited, every doctor's office I have ever visited, has received requests for every payment they have received be refunded to Social Security." Then, her bank was contacted again by the Social Security Administration asking that two years' worth of Social Security payments be pulled from the account Murphy shares with her husband. So far, Murphy says the bank, which asked not to be identified, has taken fantastic measures to help her. "The only protection I've had is my wonderful bank, because they have worked so hard and diligently to help me," Murphy said. She went on to add, "The young man at the bank, I just can't applaud him enough. Every time something comes up, he'll pick the phone up and call me."

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Murphy has also been visiting the health care offices that have treated her over the past two years, delivering a letter she drafted explaining the error and urging in capital letters: "DO NOT PAY THEM." Murphy hopes to eventually discover exactly how she was declared dead, she hopes this isn't an act of fraud, and will insist that the responsible party face some kind of consequence for the stress this has caused her and her husband. "Is it ever going to get corrected so that I can have a level life again and know where I stand?" she asked. In the meantime, Murphy said she will continue to laugh at the situation when she can. Cindy Malone, a regional spokeswoman for the Social Security Administration, said that privacy laws prevent the agency from releasing information about Murphy's case, including details about what is done to correct her record. "We may never know how it happened. We focus on fixing the issue," Malone said. "We post about 2.8 million new reports of death each year from many sources, including family members, funeral homes, financial institutions, postal authorities, states and other federal agencies, and around one-third of 1 percent are subsequently corrected." Malone also provided a phone number for Murphy to call for assistance.

Residents puzzled by mysterious bags of brown goo

Residents of two neighbourhoods in North Vancouver, Canada, are puzzled about bags of brown 'goo' that have been strewn across their streets. "It's pretty gross," said Brian Gardiner, who kept one of the bags to examine. "It looks like a bad batch of chilli, but doesn't smell a lot." Gardiner says he's seen as many as 15 bags of the mysterious substance in the Blueridge neighbourhood.

He says some were also spotted in the Delbrook area of North Vancouver. "It's a bit odd," said Gardiner. "I don't know if somebody doesn't know how to get rid of this stuff or they're having some fun, I'm not sure. "It's kind of a mystery." Angela Duso with the Blueridge Community Association says she's sure someone is driving in a vehicle and tossing the bags.

"Because it had hit the ground and it had exploded." Duso adds that she's baffled at how animals have reacted to the substance. "There were no wasps or bees surrounding it," said Duso. "Crows were not pecking at it, which normally, if garbage was on the road, crows would peck at it. So that's why it struck me as being really strange." The District of North Vancouver says it is looking into the matter of the mysterious substance.

District councillor Jim Hanson says his staff hasn't been able to determine the contents of the substance, but it's not hazardous. "We're relieved in [hearing] that," said Hanson. Hanson says the district is taking "aggressive steps" to find who is disposing of the substance. He says the offender could face a fine for littering. "I suppose the penalties might [change] a little more once we understand what the nature of the substance is, and what the motive is for disposing of the substance in this way," says Hanson.

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Naked swimmer hospitalised after angler hooked his penis

When a man swimming naked in a lake in Bavaria, Germany, felt a pain in his nether regions, he looked up to see a fisherman on the shore. "Don’t pull!" he shouted. At first the man thought he had just become tangled in some weeds, but when he looked down he noticed in horror that a fishing hook was tugging at the most sensitive part of his body.

The man, who wishes to keep his identity secret, is a regular at Augsburg’s Kaisersee, a popular bathing spot for naked swimmers. He was doing the crawl with his head under the water when he felt the unpleasant sensation in his thighs - and only then did he notice that there was a fisherman on the shore. After he shouted out his warning to the fisherman to hold still, he swam towards the angler's position on the bank.

It was then that he realised the extent of the problem: the hook had pierced his penis and he was unable to remove it. Using a knife which the fisherman had on hand, he cut the hook free from the line and proceeded to cycle home with his new body piercing hanging between his legs. Back at his house he lowered himself into his car and drove the final stretch to the hospital emergency room. “The doctor couldn’t hide the grin from his face,” the man said.

Luckily though the medic was able to remove the hook from his genitals and treat the wound. The result was nothing more serious than a swimming and shower ban for a week. But the fisherman reportedly expressed little sympathy for the swimmer’s plight. “He told me it’s not an official swimming lake and that it’s his right to fish here and there are signs up to prove it,” the swimmer said. He explained that he hadn't seen the signs, but added: “From now on I’ll swim a bit further into the middle.”

Man rescued after becoming trapped in toilet during phone retrieval mission

Firefighters in Norway pulled a man from the inside of a toilet after he lowered himself in to retrieve a friend's phone and became stuck in the tank below. Cato Berntsen Larsen climbed feet-first into the public facility after his friend dropped the phone while urinating.

Mr Berntsen Larsen said he had volunteered to enter the tank, which is not connected to the sewer and which is only emptied once a season. The 20-year-old became sick as he stood thigh-deep in its contents, and had to spend an hour completely enclosed in the small area. "I panicked because I hate confined spaces," he said. "It was damn disgusting, the worst I have experienced.

"There were animals down there too." To make matters worse, Mr Berntsen Larsen quickly threw up after entering the tank, which was standing room only. The unfortunate turn of events had begun when Mr Berntsen Larsen's friend shouted for help to get his phone back. "I did not think twice," Mr Berntsen Larsen said about his decision to go in.

But the amateur diver immediately realised he was stuck. He later described himself as "apparently thin enough to go down but not thin enough to come up again". Firefighters were forced to destroy the toilet, which is now out of service. Mr Berntsen Larsen sustained injuries to his upper arms and said he believed he had been bitten several times. He was treated at hospital and given antibiotics. He was not successful in retrieving the phone.

Tutu-wearing sex toy dangler ordered to be of good behaviour

A computer specialist who spent his lunch hour dressed as a woman with a sex toy between his legs has been told to be of good behaviour. John Clayton Suares drove to what he thought was a “quiet spot” in Inverkeithing, Fife, Scotland, and got out of his car in broad daylight wearing a short black tutu skirt, red tights and a wig. However, his chosen spot was a residential area and alarmed locals called the police when Suares removed his wig and drove off. When police stopped his car two days later, they found the female clothing he had been wearing as well as sex toys.

Suares, 42, of Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire, previously admitted that on March 28 in Inverkeithing, he committed an act of public indecency by holding a sex aid between his legs whilst dressed in female clothing. He appeared in the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing on Thursday. Depute fiscal Craig Donald said the incident occurred at around 1.40pm when two residents looked out of their window and saw what they thought was a female sitting on a metal fence next to the embankment. Suares was wearing a grey long-sleeve top, a short black tutu skirt and red tights, said the depute. The witnesses saw Suares had a sex aid held between his legs.

He then removed his wig and drove off in his blue Mazda car. The registration number was noted and the police contacted. On March 30 police officers spotted the car being driven on the A985 at Kincardine and stopped Suares. “There was a search of the vehicle conducted and they found the clothes he had been wearing at the time of the offence as well as a number of sex aids,” added the depute. After being charged and asked if wanted to make a statement, Suares said: “Just that it wasn’t a sexual act. I was cross-dressing and I was fully dressed. My genitals were not exposed at any time.” Sarah Meehan said her client was a first offender and his behaviour was “totally out of character”. “He’s extremely embarrassed to find himself in court.”

Sheriff Charles Macnair asked: “Why Inverkeithing?” Ms Meehan replied: “He works in this area. He has a full-time post in IT. At the time of this incident he was on his lunch break.” The solicitor said after medical problems there was a strain on her client’s marriage and, “He found behaving in this way was a way of dealing with stress.” She added: “He did not appreciate there would be anyone to witness his conduct”. The solicitor recognised the offence was “alarming and serious”. Sheriff Macnair told Suares: “What you choose to wear is your own affair but you conducting this sort of offence must have been very disturbing for the witnesses. You did this when being overlooked by residential properties and I don’t know why you would have thought you were doing this in private.” He deferred sentence for a year for Suares to be of good behaviour.

Tomato ketchup attacks spread through village

Tomato ketchup sprayed from passing cars is disturbing the normal tranquility of a quiet village in Warwickshire. A pub, houses and people have been splattered in a series of incidents in Henley-In-Arden where cars have driven past with ketchup hurled out of the window. A total of three incidents were recorded in one night, with one car targeting pedestrians walking along the road.

The first of the incidents occurred at around 8:30pm on Friday when two people walking along the road were sprayed with ketchup from a passing silver car. An incident summary from Warwickshire Police states that around the same time, a different car drove past the Three Tuns pub on the village’s High Street. Katie Trinder, general manager of the pub, said a launched bottle missed people sitting outside by inches.

She said: “I think it was people who were very bored and didn’t have anything better to do other than to target houses and residents in the village. It was nice, everyone was sat outside. Next thing they know, there’s a ketchup bottle being launched at them, and when you see that coming, it isn’t the nicest thing. It went absolutely everywhere. The ketchup went all up the walls, hanging baskets, benches and even caught a few people. I helped in the clean up.

“I just don’t understand the mentality of some people and why they think it is right.” The three incidents reported to Warwickshire Police were all within a few hours of each other. A blue car drove past the pub at around 8:30pm splattering several customers, and around the same time, the silver car targeted two people walking along the road. A separate incident of a house being covered in ketchup was also reported.

Canal boat collided with Land Rover in river

A narrowboat crashed into a Land Rover in the River Avon between Cleeve Prior and Harvington, Worcestershire, at around 11.50am on Thursday.

West Mercia Police were called after an unoccupied submerged red Landrover Freelander was hit. The occupiers of the canal boat which crashed into the Land Rover called the police, worried that the vehicle may have had someone inside it.

The police service, along with the Hereford and Worcester Fire Service brought the occupiers of the boat to shore. The Land Rover was also brought to shore and was thoroughly searched. It is reported that the Land Rover may have been pushed into the water.

A spokesman for the West Mercia Police said: "Police officers would like to thank local landowners and businesses and other river users for their cooperation. They also would like help finding the owner of the vehicle and how it came to be in the river."

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Smile for the camera

Here's Secret the Irish dancing dog

Secret the Australian Shepherd and her owner Mary live in Washington.

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There's an addition video of Secret and Mary Irish dancing here.

Man accused of stealing sex toys and the top half of a mannequin from adult store

A man who broke into an Ohio adult entertainment store through a ventilation pipe gathered up an assortment of sex toys and lubricant.

He then departed with the upper half of a $2,000 sex doll that he topped with a $46.99 blonde wig, according to police. Investigators allege that Ellis Doyle, 26, broke into Cirilla’s, a shop in Elyria, at around 2:45am on Saturday and stole several items before leaving.

After entering the building Doyle, police say, “walked around the store and then walked over to the ‘Eva’ mannequin and stripped the clothing off of it and takes the top half of the mannequin and takes a blonde and burgundy wig off a display and placed it on its head and walked out the front door.”

Thanks to the surveillance video, police were able to identify Doyle, who was arrested on a breaking and entering charge. Doyle, who was arraigned on Wednesday on the felony count, is free on $5,000 bond. The owner of Cirilla’s told police that the stolen goods were valued at about $2,650. The most valuable item, the $2000 “Eva” mannequin, was found discarded nearby. Doyle is scheduled for an August 29 preliminary hearing in Elyria Municipal Court.

Utility worker went below and beyond the call of duty to fix burst water pipe

Andrea Adams suffered from her burst pipe under the driveway of her home in Hood County, Texas, last week. When a utility worker from the Acton Municipal Utility District arrived, he went below and beyond the usual call of duty in trying to plug the one-inch pipe that had burst.

"When I walked back outside, the kid was in there," Adams said. So she snapped a photo of 23-year-old Jimmie Cox submerged from the waist up as he reached down five feet to try and clamp the line. Cox said he only took the call to pick up a little overtime.

When he pulled up to the house, though, he saw water spewing in every direction, and Adams in the drive, unsure of what to do next. The hole was about five-and-a-half foot deep. There was a lady running around," he said. At first, he simply went under to try and stop the leak.

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When that wasn't going to work, he had to go a step further. "I wasn't even able to get the clampers, so I had to cut it and put a valve on there when it was underwater," he said. "In this line of work, people do it a lot," he added. "I'm real proud of him," said Adams.

Firefighters responding to smoking car found burning underpants

Firefighters in Madison, Wisconsin, responding to reports of a smoking Mustang found a pair of burning underpants on the passenger seat. Fire officials said the owner of a grey two-door Ford Mustang says his car was running fine until late July. That’s when major storms hit the Madison area and flooded the lot where it’d been parked.

Water was reportedly up to the door handles, and the car had never run the same ever since. According to firefighters, on Wednesday the car was running poorly again. The driver noted a smoke smell coming from around his right hip, the gear shift area. He drove over to the mechanic once again. Too busy to deal with the issue at the moment, the mechanic parked the car on the street, locked it up, and let it rest there until it could be serviced.

Later on, the mechanic turned his attention to the Mustang, but when he walked up he found it filling with smoke. Madison Police blocked off the street and directed firefighters to the parked Mustang. There were no flames visible from the engine or trunk compartment when firefighters arrived, but smoke continued to fill the interior, confined by locked doors and rolled-up windows. The crew put on their self-contained breathing masks just as the mechanic offered up a key.

One firefighter unlocked the door so another could cool the interior with an attack line. According to firefighters, a pair of burning underpants were found on the passenger seat, producing a small fire the size of a kitchen plate. Turning the attack line toward the seat, firefighters wet the underpants and kept fire damage contained to that area. After all fire was out, the Mustang was returned to the owner.

Lobster festival-goers left eating hot dogs after unfortunate delay in delivering the crustaceans

Air Canada have reimbursed the organisers of a festival in Alberta after a boatload of lobsters from Newfoundland were lost in transit, spoiling an event meant to celebrate the coveted crustaceans. Jackie Panasiuk, one of the organisers of the Northern Alberta Lobster Festival in the community of Cotillion, said that they have accepted Air Canada's offer to pay for the shipping and the cost of the seafood. The settlement came after the festival, held earlier this month, was left lobster-less following the mishap.

Instead of soaring thousands of kilometres to their final destination at the Grande Prairie airport, the lobsters were grounded in Toronto, then sidelined in Edmonton. One hundred live lobsters were delayed. By the time the shipment arrived, 18 hours after the end of the festival, much of the lobster had spoiled. "We had people come from all over Alberta, and unfortunately the lobster weren't among the attendees," said Panasiuk, who helped her sister organise the event. "It was a very disappointing event. We ate hot dogs at a lobster fest." On the day of the festival, Air Canada's cargo-tracking system indicated the lobster shipment had arrived at Grande Prairie airport at 4pm.

But when the organisers reached the customer service desk, they were told the shipment hadn't arrived. Severe weather had grounded the flight in Toronto, and there was no guarantee the lobster would arrive in Alberta before the end of day. Panasiuk said she spent hours on the phone, dealing with agents who refused to apologise or answer her questions. The lost lobsters turned up at the Edmonton airport two hours later, but Panasiuk said the airline wasn't accommodating in getting them to their final destination. Instead of letting the lobster rot, Panasiuk said Air Canada could have transferred the crates to a different flight or offered to pay for alternative transport.

"Air Canada offered to allow us to pay to taxi them up to Cotillion - and a cab ride just to get them up to Grande Prairie would have cost $750. And we were supposed to pay for it." The seafood finally arrived in Grande Prairie at around 10am the day after the festival. "We cooked and froze them and distributed them to community members, because nobody has enough freezer space for that many lobsters," Panasiuk said. In a statement, Air Canada representative Isabelle Arthur said "very bad weather" was to blame for the delays. The shipment missed the last connecting flight in Toronto and was sent the next morning on the first available flight. In addition, a "complex itinerary" had made it challenging to provide real-time tracking information.

Woman paid friend to cut off her hand and foot in failed insurance scam

A Vietnamese woman paid a friend to cut off her hand and foot in a failed bid to claim an insurance payout. The woman, identified only as L T N, told police she had been struck by a train as she walked along the tracks and was rescued by her friend, D.

The 30-year-old submitted a claim to her insurance company for 3.5bn dong (£112,000, $157,000). In Vietnam the average annual income is £1,600 ($2,100). “N hired D to cut her hand and foot, then continued to have him report false information to the police,” said Bac Tu Liem police chief Nguyen Thanh Tung.

L T N checked into a hospital in Hanoi in May with a third of her left foot and a third of her left hand severed. Doctors told her they could not reattach the limbs. Hanoi police declined to comment the case, but reports said the woman offered her friend about $2,000 to perform the deed.

“The greatest shame is that N, instead of claiming the money, has suffered a huge loss by losing both her hand and foot,” Tung said. The woman is still being treated for the wounds. Police have said they they will not be investigating further and no action will be taken against her. “Her case sends a warning that people should not attempt insurance fraud at the expense of their own health,” said Tung, adding it was the first case of the kind he had seen in Vietnam.

Brolga with an identity crisis thinks it is cattle station's working dog

Brollie the brolga is the resident pet at a remote cattle station in Queensland, Australia, and appears to have an identity crisis. "Her favourite option [for food] is dog biscuits; she actually eats more dog biscuits than my two dogs eat [and] has her own bowl out with the dogs," grazier Karen Price said. After being rescued from town more than 12 months ago, Brollie the brolga was given to the Price family. It was not long before Brollie became "boss of the property" at Fort Constantine station, north of Cloncurry, in north-west Queensland.

"We have got some poddy calves and a pet sheep who we let out of a pen near the house and Brollie is funny with them," Ms Price said. "Last week the sheep kept trying to come out of the gate and [Brollie] was herding it up and putting it back into the pen. Every now and then, my two dogs will bark when I pull up at our front gate and if Brollie is around, she will start letting out a noise as well, as if to say 'well I'd better make a bit of noise too'." Brollie has also taken it upon herself to get involved in station work. "She is not a bad worker [but] she doesn't exactly go mustering," Ms Price said.

"It's more when we have already mustered and we have worked the cattle and are taking cattle back to their paddocks - she always tags along; she loves it." Ms Price said Brollie's love of dog biscuits and her interest in cattle work may have her believing she is a working dog. But that is not the only identity confusion Brollie the brolga faces. There has also been some debate at Fort Constantine over the sex of the brolga. Ms Price remains adamant Brollie is female, but some staff have taken it upon themselves to nickname the bird Benny the Brolga. Nonetheless, Brollie/Benny has become quite a personality around the station. "She is a free spirited bird. We don't lock her up, she comes and goes as she pleases," Ms Price said.

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"She has her favourites with people and is definitely the boss of the complex. She loves dancing which is a thing brolgas do, often the staff have a dance with her, and she does fly; quite often you will hear her, she calls out before she takes off. In the afternoons, Brollie will do a bit of a loop around the whole place and then she will come back and quite often you will find her over at the recreation club with all the girls and fellas having a beer." They say brolgas mate for life and the hope at Fort Constantine is that Brollie will soon find love. "It would be nice one day to think she will find a mate," Ms Price said. "I think for now she thinks I am her mother because I am the one that feeds her and she follows me around the place. Hopefully she will find a mate one day, even though I will miss her when she goes."

Motorist surprised to receive £1.4 million bill after parking at shopping centre three times

A motorist was surprised after getting a car parking bill for £1.4 million. James Adams parked in the centre of Ashford, Kent, for his regular shopping trips last month.

He used the mobile phone app Parkmobile to pay for parking charges on three visits in July, and logged on to pay the bill at the end of the month. But when the invoice finally arrived for July, he was surprised to count five more zeros than he expected, with an overall invoice for more £1.41 million.

The car park charges £4.50 for more than four hours of parking, which means that he could park there for 313,333 days in a row, or 858 years. Mr Adams said: “I was quite shocked, but I knew it had been an error. I dread to think that it might have frightened the life out of some other people.

“I logged into my account to the car park and saw there were too many zeros. I spoke to the company and they said there had been a cock-up at their end and I saw the funny side of it.” Parkmobile has apologised for the error, which should have in fact been a bill for £14.10.

Terror pigeons snatched child's bacon sandwich

Pigeons terrorising shoppers have attacked a child and snatched the bacon sandwich she was eating from her hand. The upset mother of the toddler has said she will not return to Burton-on-Trent in Staffordshire until the issue with the pigeons has been dealt with.

Now a move has been launched to rid a popular shopping street of the birds. The problems are caused by people feeding the pigeons bits of food, which attracts them back to the spot outside Coopers Square shopping centre in Station Street.

The latest incident is one of many where people eating food in the area have been attacked by the birds. Benches have now been removed in a bid to deter people from sitting and feeding the birds, which, Coopers Square said, causes an 'unhygienic environment'.

Michael McHardy, community enforcement officer at East Staffordshire Borough Council, said: "We are trying to stop people feeding them so are putting up posters urging people not to feed them. It was after a girl had been eating a bacon buttie with her mother. Then a pigeon grabbed hold of her food as she was holding it. Her mother complained to the council and said she would never shop here again."