Monday, June 27, 2016

Comforting breeze

Baby goats torment their chicken babysitter

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Woman arrested for DUI after unintentionally parking her truck inside hair salon

A woman is facing DUI charges after she slammed her pick-up truck into a hair salon in Yester Oaks, Mobile, Alabama, with several people inside.

Kyler Leasure, his older siblings, and their dad were sitting inside UniCut Hair Designs when the truck came ploughing through. “I was sitting in the chair over there and got flung across the room,” Leasure said. “I never thought I’d get run over by a truck in a haircut place.”

Surprisingly, Leasure only has a few scratches on his legs and elbows, but MPD Spokesperson Terence Perkins said this incident could have easily been a deadly one. ”It’s miraculous that we only had minor injuries. No one was transported to the hospital, but it could have easily been a deadly situation because the driver was drinking and driving,” Perkins said.

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51-year-old Karen Renee Eanes is facing DUI charges and the salon owners are looking to press additional charges of their own against her. According to authorities, there were no major injuries and only a few patrons had some scratches. Eanes told police that she thought she was hitting the brakes when she was actually pressing the gas to accelerate.

Ronald McDonald shot outside restaurant

A man from Lumberton, North Carolina, was shot in an argument behind a Sonic Drive-In restaurant on Thursday.

Ronald McDonald is now being treated for non-life threatening injuries, according to police.

Lumberton police said McDonald, 36, the husband of a Sonic manager, got in an argument at around 7:20pm with Telvin Drummond, 24, a Sonic employee who lives in Elizabethtown.

The two began shooting at each other and Ronald McDonald was hit. No arrests have been made. Police and the Robeson County District Attorney's Office are investigating.

Confused snake became caught in an endless loop after shedding its skin

A Stimson's python spent three hours trapped "within himself" after shedding his skin for the first time.

The non-venomous snake, named Stimmy, shed his skin in his enclosure at the Alice Springs Reptile Centre in Australia.

But instead of leaving the skin behind he continued circling, travelled through the scales. Keepers at the centre recorded Stimmy as he went round and round inside his former skin.

Stimmy eventually broke free from his self-inflicted entrapment. Rex Neindorf, the centre's director, said he had not seen anything like this in his 30 years of working with snakes.

There's a short video of Stimmy in his endless loop here.

Volunteers battered glass-bottomed bridge with sledgehammers to prove its safety

Volunteers were invited to smash what is claimed to be the world’s longest and highest glass bridge with sledgehammers to prove it is safe.

About 30 people attempted to smash the glass floor of the bridge at Zhangjiajie in Hunan province, China, on Saturday.

Wielding 5.5 kg sledgehammers, they only succeeded in cracking the glass. Later a vehicle was driven over the bridge.

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The bridge, 430 metres long, six metres wide and 300 metres above the bottom of the valley, can hold 800 people walking on it at any one time.

Body in rural lane turned out to be badger

Police were called to reports of a body in a rural lane only to discover it was a badger.

Cheshire Police were called to a lane in the county after reports a car had collided with something in the middle of the night.

It was reported that there was a body in the road in front of the car. Closer inspection revealed the body was that of a badger rather than a person.

A spokesman for Cheshire Police said: "Officers called to collision on a very dark rural lane. A body reported as being in the road in front of a car turned out to be a badger."

Lifeboat crew treated to free cornets after rescuing ice cream boat with engine problems

Cowes RNLI on the Isle of Wight were tasked to assist a floating ice cream boat on a stormy Solent on Saturday afternoon.

The so-called 26ft Solent Ice Cream Boat, with 2 people on board, had told Solent Coastguard via mobile phone that it had engine trouble in the area of Osborne Bay near East Cowes.

The volunteer crew of Cowes lifeboat arrived on the scene just after 4:00pm and towed the craft to its mooring well up Wootton Creek, but not before the lifeboat crew were each treated to ice cream cornets for their efforts.

Lifeboat helm Neil Archer said: “It was an unusual way of saying thank you, but much appreciated in the humid conditions nonetheless”. The lifeboat returned to station at 5:35pm.

Talking toilets helped raise awareness of those without privacy and facilities

Visitors to this year's Glastonbury Festival were able listen to comedian Kathy Burke, actor Brian Blessed and singer and DJ Cerys Matthews while sitting on the toilet.

Water Aid installed three talking toilets next to the Pyramid Stage, where loo-goers were entertained by the voices of the trio as they did their business.

One of the talking toilets also had a "daunting two-way door" which appeared see-through to the person inside but as a mirror to those on the outside.

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A spokeswoman for WaterAid said it was designed to make the user feel "exposed" to highlight the one in three around the world who have "nowhere safe to go to the toilet". 2.3bn people in the world have no access to a basic toilet.

Rescuers freed hedgehog trapped down pipe after four-hour mission

A monumental effort took place to rescue a hedgehog which was trapped two feet below ground in a pipe. Fire crews, animal rescuers and a team from Severn Trent Water responded to Severn Road, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, on Thursday evening and took an incredible four hours to bring him back into the open again. Five Valleys Hedgehog and Bird Rescue, based in Thrupp, posted on their Facebook page about how the night unfolded.

They said: "We had to deal with one of the most challenging rescues ever last night. This poor hedgehog became trapped down a pipe. It took us four hours to get him out! "Luckily for the hedgehog a young lad discovered him after randomly looking down the drain and made his mum call a rescue. We would like to give huge thanks to Stroud Fire Service for coming out and helping us and to the lovely man from Severn Trent Water who drove all the way from Birmingham to cut the pipe so we could get the hedgehog out.

"Also thank you to the residents of Severn Road in Stonehouse and the young lad who found him, the hedgehog would have most certainly died if he had not been discovered! Keep checking those drains!" A Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman added: "One appliance from Stroud attended after a call from the hedgehog rescue group. "The hedgehog was trapped 2ft below a Severn Trent Water pipe. The crew tried to dig around the pipe and rescue, but the animal wrapped itself around the stopcock underneath so we couldn't get to it. We were on scene until 9.23pm."

It took the Severn Trent team to cut out the pipe before the animal was freed. Kate Goacher, who runs the hedgehog rescue operation, said it was thanks to the curiosity of eight-year-old Joshua Driver-Dickenson that the creature, nicknamed Drainhog, was found at all. "The kids play on the green nearby and there's one boy who apparently quite likes lifting up drains," she said. "His mum called me and went out there about 6.30pm - I didn't get back until gone 11pm." It's feared the hedgehog was down the drain for two days and he's now being nursed back to health and treated for any parasites at Kate's Thrupp animal hospital before eventually being released back into the wild.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Who goes there?

Tail-wagging baby otter enjoys her milk

Pearl the baby otter is being cared for at Wild Animal World in Miami, Florida.

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Uncle's attempt at amusing baby niece backfires

Chris Swann from Birmingham, England, was visiting his grandparents’ home with family last weekend.

During the visit he attemped to amuse his sister Elizabeth’s nine-month-old baby Alice. It probably could have gone better.

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Seagull performs a happy little dance for treats

I previously posted a video of this seagull at New Quay in Ceredigion, Wales, who dances on command, last year.

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Man arrested after allegedly attempting to scan his genitals at grocery store

A Seattle man is facing an indecent exposure charge after allegedly attempting to scan his genitals at a grocery store on Wednesday afternoon. According to police, Christian Fisher, 31, entered the Quality Food Center market in Capitol Hill at around 5pm and proceeded to a self-checkout scanner. He then summoned over a female employee, a Seattle Police Department report states.

When the woman approached Fisher, officers noted, “she saw that his penis was out on the stand.” The employee said she “reacted with surprise,” which caused Fisher to laugh. A male employee said that when he saw his female coworker “reacting to something on the checkout stand,” he “walked over to see what the issue was.” The “issue,” he told police, was Fisher’s penis, which was “resting on top of the scanner.”

The suspect, the report notes, “was laughing and did not make any attempts to stow away his blatantly exposed genitalia.” Fisher fled the business before police arrived, but he returned several hours later and was confronted by workers who recognised him from the earlier incident. Fisher, officers say, ignored employee demands that he leave the store and got into a shoving match with security trying to escort him from the premises.

Police subsequently apprehended Fisher about a block from the store. Told that he was under arrest for indecent exposure, Fisher “became agitated and yelled ‘I didn’t whip my cock out!’” He was later booked into the county jail on the misdemeanor count and an assault rap. According to jail records, Fisher’s arrest on Wednesday night was his fourth this month. He has previously faced on burglary, assault, and obstruction charges.

Man who broke into home before eating a piece of string cheese and passing out arrested

A man was arrested after breaking into a woman's home in Roseburg, Oregon, on Wednesday.

Police say Michael Ray Dimock, from Roseburg, climbed onto the garage overhang at the residence and broke two windows and three window screens.

"He entered through one of the windows, ate a piece of string cheese from the refrigerator and passed out on the living room floor from intoxication," police said.

29-year-old Dimock was charged with Burglary I, Theft III and Criminal Mischief II and lodged at the Douglas County Jail.

House on fire swept away in floodwaters

A house burning ferociously was washed away in floodwaters on Thursday afternoon in the worst floods to hit West Virginia in a century.

Amanda Carper posted the video to Facebook with the message: "Please everyone pray!!! We are stuck in the car with our precious dogs". The flaming house brushed past trees before colliding with a bridge in White Sulphur Springs.

"Please pray for our neighbours. They are trapped in their attic with small children," Ms Carper added. "Our other neighbours are on their kitchen counter." Ms Carper later wrote that she is now safe at a friend's home.

YouTube link. Amanda Carper's original Facebook video.

At least 20 people have died in the flooding, and hundreds more rescued from homes filling up with water. National Weather Service meteorologist Frank Pereira said West Virginia had received a quarter of its annual rainfall in a single day.

Little dog that fell into toilet rescued by firefighter

A firefighter in China rescued a little dog that fell into a squat toilet.

The unfortunate incident happened at its owner's home in Mengzi, southwest Yunnan Province.

As the dog peered from inside the latrine, the firefighter reached inside to pull it up through the hole.

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The yelping, but apparently unhurt bedraggled canine, was then reunited with its grateful owner.

Copulating couple on arch of bridge shut down Autobahn

A drunk 28-year-old man and his equally inebriated 18-year-old girlfriend clambered onto one of the arches of the Kaiserlei Bridge in Frankfurt, Germany, at around 11am on Thursday.

“They didn’t just enjoy the view,” according to police. Drivers approaching the bridge, which crosses the Main river, spotted the couple and alerted the local police.

Officers decided they would have to close down two lanes of the Autobahn in order to make room for the ladders which fire services used to approach the love-makers.

Shortly after, the firemen managed to bring the pair back to the ground, and within 20 minutes traffic was running as normal. After taking down their details, officers sent the couple away with an order not to return to the scene of the crime.

Mystery behind dead cat that caused brewery strike solved

The mystery behind a photograph taken in the 1920s showing workers striking over the dismissal of a felllow employee due to a dead cat being found in a vessel of beer at a brewery has been solved.

90-year-old Victor Crowe says that the gentleman with the flat cap and patch over one eye, holding a placard at the front was his father. “I remember him telling me about the walk-out.

“This resulted in the worker being reinstated,” said Victor. His father, Albert Daniel Crowe, worked at the big Anchor Brewery, the home of Bullards, in Norwich, Norfolk, where the strike took place.

The men worked hard in tough conditions and they stood up for their rights. “Cats were part of the workforce. They were brewery cats to kill the rats trying to get into the sacks containing the malt,” says Victor.